causes of protruding teeth

The symmetry and alignment of the teeth make your smile perfect, and a flawless smile is the dose of your happy life and welcoming nature. Given that, the ultimate thing is the symmetry of your teeth that makes you feel good. Conditions such as protruding teeth can dismantle the aesthetics of your smile and facial features. This dental condition not only damages the originality of the smile but also lowers confidence and self-esteem. Protruding teeth treatment in Islamabad 

What is Protruding Teeth?

This is a dental condition and is also called buck teeth. The upper front teeth extend beyond the lower front teeth during this condition. It means upper teeth cover the space or area of the lower teeth. This issue affects speech clarity, leads to improper bite and chewing, creates oral hygiene problems, and also causes aesthetic concerns. Protruding teeth treatment in Islamabad addresses functional and aesthetic issues caused by this dental condition.

What Are The Causes Of Protruding Teeth In Adults?

This dental issue can occur because of several reasons. It damages normal jaw functioning and increases risks of trauma, injuries, and tooth decay. Further, it may cause aesthetics issues and lead to seal-consciousness.

The following are the causes of protruding teeth:

Trauma or Injury

Accidents or Injuries damaging the face or mouth area can dismantle the alignment and positioning of teeth. A direct force such as sports-related injury or trauma can push the teeth or displace them or disorder the supporting structures. This kind of damage or fracture can lead to protruding teeth.

Tongue Thrusting:

Tongue thrusting is a habit or involuntary oral behavior. This involves individuals pushing their tongue against their teeth while speaking or even swallowing. Many adults are also prone to this habit. This involuntary habit can also lead to protruding teeth in adults.

Skeletal Abnormalities

Structural abnormalities that involve facial parts such as bones and jaws can damage the normal teeth alignment and cause this cosmetic issue. It is pertinent to mention that protruding teeth are mainly an aesthetic issue and barely cause a health risk.


Genetic predisposition also plays a considerable role in the development of a personality and that of dental features or jawline. If an individual’s family has a history of this denial issue, his chances of experiencing this medical and aesthetic condition are higher than others. 


This term defines misalignment and irregular positioning of the teeth. One of its types can be taken as protruding teeth that occur when front teeth stick out more than usual. Malocclusion also affects the speech and chewing abilities of the teeth and also dismantles the aesthetics of the teeth.

Dental Crowding

The lack of space within the jaw structure to accommodate all teeth is called dental crowding. When there is a lack of space, teeth are tightly packed together or overlap. Dental crowding can also cause this dental condition. Dental crowding not only alters the functioning of the teeth but also leads to self-consciousness. 

Protruding Teeth Treatment in Islamabad:

Like other dental issues, this condition can also be treated. Its treatment requires orthodontic interventions to restore proper alignment and positioning of the teeth. Following are a few popular treatments to address this dental problem.

  • Braces
  • Tooth Extraction
  • Orthodontic Surgery
  • Retainers

Benefits of Protruding Teeth Treatment in Islamabad:

  • Treating this condition improves the aesthetics of the smile and overall facial features
  • Its treatment improves self-confidence and eliminates self-consciousness
  • Effective treatment reduces the risks of traumas and injuries
  • Reduces the risk of tooth decay and other associated health risks
  • Improves the alignment and positioning of the teeth makes oral hygiene easier
  • Personalised treatment is available to treat this dental condition

Summing Up!

Protruding teeth is a dental condition that appears when the upper teeth cover the space of the lower front teeth. This issue creates aesthetic concerns and leads to self-consciousness. Skeletal abnormalities, genetic factors, tongue thrusting, or injuries can develop this dental condition. It can be treated effectively through proper treatment and orthodontic interventions.

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