thigh lift for loose skin

thigh lift for loose skin You might be noticing some unanticipated physical changes as a new mother. After pregnancy, loose skin on the thighs is a common problem. You might feel self-conscious about your appearance and find this frustrating. A thigh lift, however, is a solution. We’ll go over what to anticipate from this procedure in this blog post and why you should think about having it done at Royal Cosmetics Islamabad. Read on to learn more about thigh lifts in islamabad. 

What is Thigh Lift?

Let’s define a thigh lift first. During a thigh lift, excess skin and fat are surgically removed from the thighs, leaving behind smoother, firmer skin. Depending on your needs, this procedure can be carried out on either the inner or outer thighs. It usually takes two to three hours and is performed under general anaesthesia.

What to Anticipate From Thigh Lift?

What can you, therefore, anticipate from a thigh lift? You will first meet with a plastic surgeon for a consultation to go over your expectations and desired outcomes. They will assess your thighs and suggest the best course of action based on your unique situation. You will receive pre-operative instructions to follow after deciding to proceed with the surgery.

Excess skin and fat will be removed during surgery through incisions made in the thigh region. The remaining skin will be pulled taut and repaired with sutures. Then, until you are ready to return home, you will be kept under observation in a recovery area.

You will need to rest up for a few weeks after the procedure. There will be some swelling and bruising, but these side effects should go away quickly. Compression clothing is required to aid in the healing process. To ensure a quick recovery, it’s crucial to adhere to all post-operative instructions provided by your surgeon.

What is the Procedure of Thigh Lift for loose skin?

An operation called a thigh lift aims to remove extra tissue, fat, and skin from the thighs. Here is a general description of the process:


Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the surgeon will either use general anaesthesia or local anaesthesia combined with sedation.


The surgeon will make incisions in different parts of the thigh, depending on the areas that need to be addressed. Incisions can be made in the groin area, just above the knee, or along the buttock crease.


After making the incisions, the surgeon will remove excess fat, skin and tissue, and reshape the remaining tissue to create a smoother and firmer appearance.

Closing the Incisions: 

Once the desired contour is achieved, the surgeon will close the incisions using sutures or surgical staples.

Postoperative care:

The patient will be closely watched following surgery and given painkillers to help with discomfort. Compression clothing is typically required for patients to reduce swelling and enhance healing.

It is significant to note that, depending on the patient’s needs and the surgeon’s technique, there might be modifications to the process or additional steps. A board-certified plastic surgeon should be consulted for more detailed information regarding your particular case.

What makes Royal Cosmetics Islamabad a good option for a thigh lift? 

First off, they have a group of expert plastic surgeons on staff who have performed thigh lifts before. To guarantee the best outcomes, they employ the most recent methods and tools. Furthermore, they put a high priority on the security and comfort of the patient, making sure that you are well taken care of throughout the entire procedure. In conclusion, if you have loose skin on your thighs after pregnancy, a thigh lift  for loose skin may be the perfect procedure for you. It’s crucial to have reasonable expectations and to abide by your surgeon’s pre-and post-operative instructions. We heartily recommend Royal Cosmetics Islamabad for their experience and commitment to patient care if you are thinking about getting a thigh lift.