What is the recovery time of scalp micropigmentation?

Have you ever caught yourself gazing into the mirror and pondering whether there exists a hidden remedy to reverse the effects of your receding hairline? What if I inform you that a ground-breaking treatment is available that prevents hair loss and heals it so quickly that you’ll wonder if it’s magic or just the best of modern science? Welcome to the fascinating world of scalp micropigmentation in Islamabad.  Learn More about the recovery time of scalp micropigmentation.

What basically Scalp Micropigmentation is?

A non-surgical cosmetic tattooing method called scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) is used to mimic hair follicles on the scalp. It is frequently used as a treatment for those who are experiencing hair thinning, losing hair, or trying to hide scars on their scalp. SMP may be a good choice for both genders.

Using a microneedle, specialty pigments are placed on the scalp throughout the operation to create tiny dots that resemble hair follicles in their natural state. Depending on the intended result, the aim is to replicate the appearance of either a fully-haired head or a tightly-shaven head. To provide a smooth and lifelike effect, the pigments used in SMP are usually matched to the person’s original hair colour.


  • Non-surgical Solution: It doesn’t require surgery because it’s a non-invasive treatment. This method of tattooing eliminates the requirement for recovery time and the usage of surgical equipment.
  • Baldness camouflage: This can effectively conceal baldness in different levels, giving the scalp a fuller appearance. It gives the appearance of actual hair follicles, giving the appearance of being buzzed or precisely shaved.
  • Conceals Scars: Scars on the scalp left behind by prior operations, mishaps, or other injuries can be successfully hidden with SMP. This method aids in blending the scars into the models of the surrounding hair follicles.
  • Low upkeep: Compared to other hair restoration techniques, SMP requires less upkeep when the surgery is finished. No extra care regimens or daily upkeep are required.

What is the recovery time of scalp micropigmentation?

Following scalp micropigmentation (SMP), there is usually little healing time. SMP typically has no downtime because it is a non-surgical process that uses a microneedle to apply pigments to the scalp’s surface. Typically, patients are able to promptly return to their usual activities following the treatment. Although there may be some initial redness and moderate swelling, these side effects usually go away in a day or two. 

The patient must follow any post-procedure care instructions given by the practitioner. These instructions can include avoiding the sun, high perspiration, and using certain hair care products for a brief period of time. Although some people may experience gradual fading of the pigments over time, SMP effects are thought to be long-lasting, and any necessary touch-ups may typically be arranged at the patient’s convenience. 

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What is the recovery time after scalp micropigmentation?

Although SMP is thought to be a long-lasting treatment, the pigments may eventually fade. It could be advised to get touch-ups on a regular basis to keep the ideal look.
There is usually little discomfort associated with the process. Topical anaesthetics are frequently given to numb the scalp to ensure a more comfortable session.