Who is the most popular doctor in Islamabad?

 Do you think that what is a big yet very divisive question in Pakistan? Yes! You got us right. It is: Who is the most popular doctor in Islamabad? Well everyone has got their opinions. The most priceless gift is life, and health is our greatest treasure. Health maintenance is crucial, and only medical professionals can make it happen. Also, around the world, there are many excellent doctors who put in a lot of effort to improve society and help us live healthier lives. Besides, a country’s healthcare system is essentially built around doctors. It is said that a nation will have more competent and qualified doctors the longer its education system has existed. Islamabad has many good and competent doctors. But when this question is concerned, you can always trust Dr. Naveed Azhar. He is a consultant surgeon and currently working at Royal Cosmetics Islamabad. 

Islamabad- The Hub of Hospitals and Doctors:

The capital of Pakistan is no less than other cities of Pakistan. Along with having some of Pakistan’s top universities and schools, Islamabad is also fortunate to have some of the country’s top hospitals. Besides, there are some public and private hospitals that offer their patients medical care around the clock. The hospitals in Islamabad are well-equipped and ready to handle both acute and long-term medical problems in the area as well. The treatment of serious illnesses is also present in Islamabad along with all cosmetic procedures. These hospitals not only offer primary healthcare, but they also offer care for various diseases. 

Dr. Naveed Azhar at Royal Cosmetics Islamabad:

Dr. Naveed Azhar is the consultant surgeon currently working at Royal Cosmetics Islamabad. He is the best doctor in Islamabad. Dr. Naveed is a fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan as a specialist plastic surgeon and is a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. He is an active member of PAPS.  


Plastic Surgeon, Reconstructive Surgeon, Cosmetic Surgeon, Aesthetician, Reconstructive Surgeon, Hair Transplant Surgeon

MBBS, MRCS (UK), MCPS, FCPS (Plastic Surgery)


  • He is an expert in Hair transplants (Both follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation). 
  • Moreover, he is the best aesthetic physician in Islamabad and also an expert of Platelet-rich plasma therapy 
  • Hair restoration treatments
  • Lifting a variety of body parts, including the buttock, the eyelid, breast augmentation or reduction, the nose, ear reconstructive surgery, and any other lifting technique. 
  • He has dermatology expertise as well. Chemical peels, skin laser procedures, and filler injections are also his areas of expertise.
  • Additionally, he is also adroit in Liposuction, tummy tuck and other bariatric surgery procedures.

Duties of a Good Doctor:

  • Knowledge, skills and performance
  • Safety and Quality
  • Communication, partnership and teamwork
  • Maintaining trust

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