Cost of Injections for Erectile Dysfunction

Sexual health is of utmost importance. It is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop strong relationships, enhancing overall efficiency and quality of life. Hormonal imbalances, the ageing factor, stress and depression may lead to erectile dysfunction, affecting sexual performance and disturbing intimate relations. Erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad improves performance and functionality and also strengthens relationships.

Understanding The Issue:

Several factors can damage a man’s performance in bed, curtailing his ability to satisfy his partner and maintain a healthy sexual activity. This problem makes people ashamed and unsatisfied, leading to a disturbed life. Individuals dealing with this particular problem often live a compromised life as this problem also damages their efficiency.

Uncovering The Best Way To Tackle It:

Several techniques are used to address sexual dysfunction issues, such as oral medications and penile implants in Islamabad. In addition to that, nowadays, injectable medications are also used to treat intimate problems and improve a man’s ability to maintain an erection sufficient for normal sexual intercourse. The administration of specific injections leads to spontaneous erection and does not even require any stimulation.

If a man experiences a problem during intimacy, he may consider getting an injection. ED shots offer immediate results, and one should administer it just before their sexual activity. Normally, a man can enjoy an erection for about 30 to 60 minutes and erection time can extend further.

Core Benefits:

  • Offers immediate benefits; you just have to get it a few minutes before your activity
  • Helps people maintain the erection required for sexual activity
  • Allows a personalised approach to manage specific problems of individuals
  • Does not disturb other body areas because it only extends the localised effect
  • Restores a man’s ability to satisfy his partner
  • Boosts the confidence and self-esteem of an affected person
  • Allows him to live his life to the fullest

Cost of This Procedure:

The cost of injections for erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad can range from PKR 2,00000 to PKR2,50000. The cost can vary from person to person. Factors such as the type and strength of dosage used, frequency of use, and prescription plan may influence the overall procedure pricing. 

How Long Does It Take To Work?

The response of this particular technique is immediate. You will start observing results after 5 to 10 minutes. After getting one dose, you can go to your partner after 5 to 10 minutes. You should never try any procedure on your own. Schedule a meeting with an expert and let him find the most suitable technique based on your specific requirements and needs.

How Long Does The Results Of  A Jab Last?

Generally, you can experience its results for about 30 minutes. Some medicines even offer results for about 60 minutes or longer. The longevity of its effects is determined by the strength and amount of a particular dose.

Am I A Good Candidate?

If you are too occupied or distressed with this issue and seeking a proper treatment to regain your manpower and enjoy your time with your partner in bed, then you get a consultation session. An expert will analyse your problem, specific conditions and requirements and, based on that, will provide you with the most suitable option.

The Bottom Line:

A man cannot retain his charm of manhood if he is unable to satisfy his partner or enjoy healthy intimate relationships. Sadly, many people have to experience this problem because of several factors, such as depression and anxiety. Besides oral medications, injections for erectile dysfunction treatment in Islamabad have become a popular technique because of their minimally invasive nature and effective results. 

Furthermore, the cost of injections normally lies somewhere between PKR to PKR. You must ask this question during your session with a professional to analyse and manage your expenses. The overall price varies from person to person. An expert will let you know about the estimated cost of this procedure.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to regain the essence of liveliness by addressing your intimate problems.  We have established our reputation by providing personalised treatments and producing satisfactory results. Visit our clinic and let us restore your confidence in bed!


Are injections better than pills?

They offer spontaneous erection and do not even require sexual stimulation. They also do not involve absorbing issues like oral medications. Given these cases, we can state that ED shots are better than pills.

How painful is this treatment?

A needle is used to administer the required sausage. It may cause a sensation of discomfort or irritation. Some individuals also experience a prolonged erection. If you get it with proper discussions, then you are going to reap the actual benefits.

What is the cost of this treatment?

You may have to spend somewhere between PKR to PKR. Get a consultation session and learn about precise figures to treat your erectile dysfunction via administrable medicines.