Top 2 Cosmetic Surgeons in Islamabad

With the growing trend of cosmetic surgery in Pakistan, the number of cosmetic surgeons is also increasing. Over the last few years, the number of beauty technicians and plastic surgeons has significantly increased to cater to the needs of the Pakistani youth. But how can one determine who is the best in this field? With clinics opening up here and there, it can be hard to pinpoint the best doctors in the country or the capital. So here’s a list of the Top Two Cosmetic Surgeons in Islamabad! These doctors excel in their fields and are the best in the twin cities.

Dr. Abida:

Dr. Abida Sardar is among the few names who have a keen sense of providing her clients with the best beauty treatment in the capital. She has an expertise of seventeen years and has been working in the beauty industry for thirteen years. If you’re looking to get your face surgically altered or need to look your best before a big event, then Dr. Abida Sarder is the cosmetologist for you. She has a professional work ethic and is friendly with all her patients, giving them a sense of comfort and relief.

Dr. Naveed:

Dr. Naveed is also a pioneer in his field and is considered the top surgeon in the capital. With over two decades worth of expertise in the beauty industry, he offers exceptional services and is a master of his craft. Dr. Naveed got his medical degree in the year 2003 from Punjab Medical College in Faisalabad and has been an active participant in Edinburgh’s Royal College of Surgeons. He specializes in all types of cosmetic procedures and surgeries, and his friendly persona makes it easy for the patients to relax and get their beauty treatment done in peace.

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Dr. Naveed and Dr. Abida Sardar are the shining stars of Royal Cosmetic Surgery and are considered the Top Two Cosmetic Surgeons in Islamabad. Our clinic offers all its clients a home-like environment, and the consultation session for each treatment is completely free! So sign up right now and get your complimentary consultation appointment with the best plastic surgeons in the capital!