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Cost of Chemical Peel Treatment in Islamabad

Chemical peels are a revolutionary method of rejuvenating the skin. They are also a powerful way to treat troubles like acne, choppy pores, skin tone, and the signs and symptoms of ageing. However, knowing the Cost of Chemical Peel Treatment in Islamabad is critical before starting this skincare journey. Therefore, this weblog goes into elements about the things that affect the value of a chemical peel. Luckily, RCS-PK gives all cosmetic techniques, including chemical peels.

Chemical Peel Treatment:

Chemical peel remedies involve placing a chemical solution on the skin. This helps to remove the top layer of skin, revealing smoother, healthier pores and skin underneath. This technique enhances the smoothness, tone, and brightness of the skin. Additionally, it boosts the production of collagen, making the skin appear younger.

The Procedure of Treatment:

Usually, the first step is to clean the face to get rid of dirt, extra oil, and other residue from the skin cells. After that, the chemical peel is applied to the skin and left there for a few minutes. It can hurt and burn a little. On average, the skin will be red and swollen for a few days after a chemical peel, especially if it is light.

Deep peels reach the deeper layers of skin, which can cause swelling and redness. Moreover, they last for a week while new skin grows. People have different opinions about chemical peels. However, those worries primarily concern more severe skin problems requiring deeper entry.

Cost of Chemical Peel Treatment in Islamabad

The cost of Chemical Peel Treatment in Islamabad ranges between Rs: 20,000 and Rs: 35,000. Moreover, it varies from character to person and relies upon many factors. However, your dermatologist can inform you the precise value of treatment after comparing your pores and skin. Although moderate peels are likely cheaper, you may need a couple of classes to get the desired effects. Medium and deep peels typically have massive results. Additionally, they may feel more in advance and take longer to heal.

Things That Affect the Cost:

  • Types of the Peel: Different types of chemical peels have different prices. Usually, shallow peels are less expensive than medium or deep peels.
  • Clinic Location: The sanatorium’s location can also affect the fee. For example, clinics in cities or exceptional neighborhoods tend to have a higher rate.
  • Reputation of the Clinic: Well-known clinics with a terrific name might also charge more. This is because they offer more advanced chemical peels and better care.
  • Number of Sessions: The total cost of treatment can vary depending on the number of sessions needed to achieve the best results. Usually, more than one session is required to achieve the desired effects.
  • Additional Services: Some clinics may also offer programs that consist of greater services. Moreover, your dermatologist may recommend any other combination treatment with peel to achieve the desired results. Therefore, it can cost more than usual.

Different Kinds of Peels:

  • Superficial Peels: These mild peels work on the upper layer of pores and skin. They may help improve the appearance and address minor problems. 
  • Medium Peels: These are deeper peels that get into the center layer of the skin. It may assist with pores and skin problems like fine lines and sun damage. 
  • Deep Peels: These are strong peels that penetrate the lower layers of pores and skin. They are great for treating severe skin damage and early symptoms of ageing. 

Final Thoughts:

A chemical peel can make a massive difference in your pores and skin’s texture, tone, and preferred look. Moreover, people can make wise choices about their skincare by understanding the cost of the treatment. Make an appointment with a skilled skin care professional. Additionally, you need to talk about your troubles, goals, and remedy options which are best for you.

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Best Treatments For Dark spots on Face in Islamabad Pakistan.


Each one of us aspires to have skin that is flawless and attractive. Our faces are a vital aspect of our bodies and serve a variety of functions. Be it communication or making us generally appear more attractive, it is our most important asset. In such cases, having dark spots or skin hyperpigmentation on the face may seriously damage our self-esteem and have an influence on our lives. While makeup might conceal these unsightly blemishes, constantly dousing your face with it can get tiresome. There are some cases where makeup can even worsen these blemishes and marks due to wearing it on a daily basis.

Hence makeup cannot be used as a way to rid your face of dark spots and pigmentation. So, to help you get rid of these spots and hyperpigmentation on your face the team at Royal Cosmetics Surgery is here to suggest you the Best Treatments For Dark spots on Face in Islamabad Pakistan.

What Are Dark Spots?

The production of an abnormal amount of melanin in the skin often results in dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Melanin is the agent responsible for providing different portions of our bodies their color. Depending on the quantity of melanin present in the region, the color of these spots can range from light brown to quite dark. Excessive melanin production is usually triggered by external factors including sun exposure, hormone fluctuations, acne, and age. All these factors collectively contribute to the development of these dark spots and pigment patches on the skin.

What is the Best Treatment for Dark Spots in Islamabad, Pakistan:

The Best Treatment for Dark Spots on the Face in Islamabad, Pakistan are easily available at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic. These treatments include topical medicines, laser treatment, chemical peel, microdermabrasion and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) therapy. All of these treatments are available for different skin types but it’s best that you get a consultation with your doctor first before getting into the treatment. The procedures to cure blemishes and marks on the face are discussed in detail below:

  1. Laser Treatment

Laser Therapy is considered the best skin treatment to remove dark spots and pigmentations from the skin. It is a non-invasive technique in which the pigments and dark spots are targeted by a concentrated beam of laser light. This concentrated beam of light is a product of laser light adjusted to a certain wavelength. The light attaches the melanin in the skin and makes the spots appear lighter after each session.

  1. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)

Almost similar to laser therapy, IPL discharges heat energy after being transformed from light energy and is used to break the melanin in our body. IPL is among the most popularly known dark spot treatments. It uses the same technology as laser therapy with the only difference being that laser therapy only targets one area while IPL therapy targets a wider area.

  1. Chemical Peels:

Acid peels are also one of the most effective skin pigmentation treatments available in the cosmetology industry. . In a chemical peel, the outermost skin layers are removed after the administration of an acid solution to the skin. Salicylic acid is among the most popular types of mild acids to be used in a chemical peel.

  1. Topical Medicines:

There are several prescriptive and non-prescriptive topical medicines available in the market which effectively help in fading out dark spots and unwanted pigments from the face. The common ingredients found in these medicines are vitamin C, retinoid, and Kojic acid. These bleaching creams and serums are, however, not recommended by doctors as they can have side effects if you have sensitive or dry skin.

  1. Microdermabrasion:

It is a type of physical exfoliation where dead skin cells are removed from the skin using a tool containing microscopic particles. This treatment requires multiple sessions. This treatment involves gently sanding away the dead skin cells and promoting the growth of new cells on the skin. This option is not recommended is you have dry or sensitive skin as it can cause cuts and bleeding.

What To Do After Treatments for Dark Spots on Face?

Our face is the most visible and sensitive part of our bodies and It is essential to practice aftercare following any type of treatment. It is mainly important for people with sensitive or dry skin to make sure they follow the instructions regularly to avoid dehydration and flaky skin. The aftercare for each therapy will be unique because they are all quite distinct from one another. However, these fundamental measures to be taken following either of the treatments:

  • Avoid going out in the sun for the time advised; the sun can reverse the treatment and cause more marks to appear on the skin.
  • Refrain from going outside without wearing good sun protection.
  • Steer clear of hot showers; hot water can damage or give slight burns to the skin
  • Maintain hydration; this is essential if you do not have oily or normal skin
  • Use the prescribed medicines timely; often times people forget to take their prescription medication after the treatment which leads to complications.

What’s the Cost of Best Treatments for Dark Spots in Islamabad?

The cost for the Best Treatment for Dark Spots on the face in Islamabad Pakistan can range from PKR 7,500 to PKR 18,000. This price range depends on which treatment you get and where you get it from. If you are wondering whether or not insurance covers these treatments, unfortunately, there are only 10% of cases where insurance will cover these treatments. These cases include pigment marks due to chronic illnesses such as diabetes or marks left behind after inflammation such as acne breakouts or burn accidents to the face.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Laser Treatment:

Although laser therapy permanently eliminates the existing pigments and dark spots from the face, it does not prevent the development of new dark spots. So, aftercare for maintenance of results is necessary.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL):

IPL is a semi-permanent procedure; thus, it is recommended to receive one to two touch-up treatments each year to maintain the results.

Chemical Peel:

Light chemical peel results last on an average for about 1-2 months whereas results from medium chemical peels last up to an average of 2-6 months and results from deeper chemical peels can last for years due to the intensity of the peel.


The treatment results last on an average of 1 month but if you have a good skin condition, these results can last much longer.

Topical Medicines

Different topical medicine results will last for different amounts of time.

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