bariatric surgery

bariatric surgery Bariatric surgery:

By preventing morbidly obese people from overeating, bariatric surgery Islamabad helps them lose weight. This is carried out by reducing the intestine and stomach. By altering the structure of your digestive system, bariatric surgery reduces the amount of food you can eat and digest. It is vital that the body weight be reduced to a safe level for those who are obese and have a BMI of at least 40, as well as for those who have a BMI of 30 and are dealing with major medical diseases like diabetes. This is what bariatric surgery aims to achieve for obese people who are unable to adhere to a weight loss program or exercise regularly.

Bariatric Surgery Purpose:

Bariatric surgery Islamabad is performed to assist you in losing extra weight and lower your risk of serious, maybe fatal, weight-related health issues, such as:

  • A heart attack and a stroke
  • high blood pressure
  • Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)
  • Slumber apnea
  • diabetes type 2

Generally speaking, bariatric surgery is only performed after you’ve made an effort to lose weight by altering your eating and exercise routines.

What Are the Most Common Types of Bariatric Surgery?

The two main procedures used to treat obesity are gastric banding and gastric bypass. Traditional “open” surgical methods or minimally invasive laparoscopic methods, which allow the surgeon to “see inside” the patient without having to create significant incisions and may also be used to do these procedures.

Gastric Banding:

The term “restrictive surgery” is sometimes used to describe gastric banding. This is due to the fact that it merely restricts calorie consumption. Using specific staples or a silicone band, the surgeon shrinks the stomach during a gastric banding procedure from melon size to egg size. So, stomach bypass is more effective for people to lose weight than stomach banding. 

Gastric Bypass:

Since it limits the absorption of calories and nourishment, gastric bypass surgery, also known as “malabsorptive” surgery, is a two-step procedure. The surgeon first makes the stomach smaller. Second, the duodenum and jejunum, the first segments of the small intestine, are skipped. As a result, food moves through the digestive system much more quickly, which greatly limits the number of calories and nutrients that may be absorbed.

Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery Islamabad:

Some benefits of bariatric surgery are listed below.

  • Following bariatric surgery, the majority of patients experience rapid weight loss that lasts for 18 to 24 months.
  • The patients’ health and quality of life significantly improved.

Very few patients who have had bariatric surgery experience complications.

  • The ground-breaking laparoscopic technique leads to a shorter hospital stay, a quicker recovery, fewer scars, and less discomfort.
  • Patients with hypertension, in particular, can notice significant benefits within 2-3 months of the surgery.

 It can improve breathing issues such as asthma and obstructive sleep apnea as well as cardiovascular illnesses such as hypertension, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

  • Bariatric surgery is another way to treat stress incontinence.

Risks of Bariatric Surgery:

So, it is just as vital to weigh the risks and benefits of bariatric surgery.

  • Just like any other surgery, there are risks and consequences associated with bariatric surgery. These include nausea, weakness, vomiting, excessive perspiration, bloating, faintness, and diarrhea after eating.
  • An infection in the abdomen may require more procedures or extended hospital stays.

Long-term problems include depression, vitamin deficiency, starvation from insufficient absorption, and hair loss.

To make your bariatric surgery more effective, you should adopt a new and healthy lifestyle that includes a nutritious, low-fat diet and regular physical activity.

The Last Say!

Bariatric surgery Islamabad offers individuals struggling with obesity a chance to transform their lives. Through significant weight loss and improvements in physical and mental well-being. This surgical procedure can lead to a higher quality of life and a reduced risk of obesity-related health conditions. But, it is crucial to approach the best clinic, Like Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad, for bariatric surgery with careful consideration, lifelong commitment, and ongoing support for sustained success.