Realities and Myths of Breast Augmentation


Many women want to enhance the beauty of their overall appearance. One of the most body features that every female wants to look perfect is their breast. So, there are several surgical treatments that are used to perform for increasing the size of the breast. On the other side, many women don’t know anything about it, and they believe in misconceptions and some crazy myths. However, there are multiple Realities and Myths of Breast Augmentation that you must know before considering the surgery.

In this blog, we are going to discuss about of several myths and realities related to breast surgeries. So, if you are going to consider this surgery, you should read these important things.

An Overview – Breast Augmentation:

Breast augmentation is a type of surgical procedure that involves placing implants under the skin or muscles of the breasts. It can be performed for various reasons. For some women, it’s a way to feel better about themselves, while for others, it’s a part of a breast reconstruction process.

Myths And Realities:

Generally, there are several myths and misconceptions that roam around. Also, if you have heard any myth or misunderstanding, then it is necessary that you must know the reality as well. However, there are a few common myths and facts mentioned below:

  • Myth: It Can Cause Breast Cancer.

According to research, there is no increased risk of breast cancer in people who get breast implants. Our practice uses only FDA-approved implants. Anaplastic large-cell lymphoma, a form of malignancy, and textured implants are related. However, this cancer is very uncommon. This condition affects one in every 50,000 women who have textured silicone implants. This connection’s cause is unclear, and no proof of its causality has been provided.

  • Myth: It Can Be Performed By Any Cosmetic Professional.

No, it can be very harmful and dangerous if you get the treatment from any cosmetic professional. Breast augmentation is a delicate surgery that is only performed by expert and board-certified plastic surgeons. Only they can perform it accurately. Otherwise, you may get the worst experience, or it might be dangerous for you.

  • Myth: It Looks Fake Or Artificial.

Many women think that if they get breast enhancement surgery, it will appear as unnatural or fake. This is not true, breast implants or other techniques will dramatically change your breast appearance, and no one can judge the difference. Therefore, it is necessary to get treatment from a skillful person for the best and most effective results.

  • Myth: It Takes Too Long To Heal.

It depends on person to person because some candidates get recover within a few weeks to months, and some of them require more months to get recover properly. If you take good care of your health and treat the area according to the plastic surgeon’s instructions, then you will pass the recovery period very quickly and calmly, but if you dont, then it will take a lot of time.

  • Myth: It Will Make Breastfeeding Impossible.

According to research, breastfeeding mothers who have breast implants typically have no problems doing so. In addition, nursing issues were reported at a rate that was comparable to that of women without implants.

Newborn babies to mothers who have silicone or saline implants are not at medical risk from these implants. However, in order to minimize any effects on nursing, including changes in your nipple sensation, our experts will employ specific techniques to insert the implants if pregnancy is a possibility in the future.

All Summed Up!

Therefore, after knowing all about the Realities and Myths of Breast Augmentation, if you want to get this treatment to improve breast size, then you can consult a Royal Cosmetic Clinic. Our experts will perform the surgery perfectly and give you desired results without any type of complications. So, don’t be hesitate and book your appointment with us.