pros & cons of teeth whitening

Everyone loves having twinkling teeth. White and brightened teeth reveal the grace and elegance of an individual’s personality and make a person laugh fully without any reluctance. Today’s eating habits add stains and discolouration to the teeth and dim the radiance of teeth. Teeth whitening treatments in Islamabad remove stains and bruises and restore the brightness and spark of the teeth.

The cosmetic field has produced numerous procedures to deal with teeth problems and brighten the teeth. All of them are purposely created and intended to reinstate teeth’ aesthetics and add to the glamour of an individual’s smile. Along with unleashing a number of benefits or advantages, these procedures may also cause some side effects that we may not like. 

Therefore, it is pertinent to consider both the pros and cons of teeth whitening before considering any related procedure. This consideration helps in making a prudent decision and having realistic expectations.

Pros and Cons Of Teeth Whitening:

Dental whitening provides countless benefits. This is a modern concept that deals with modern problems. Not only this procedure treats discoloration, eliminates strains and restores a radiant and brighter smile but also this procedure improves oral hygiene and adds to the confidence and self-esteem of an individual.

Dental Whitening: Pros

Removes Imperfections

Discolouration and stains reduce the brightness of the teeth, make them prone to sensitivity, and even may lead to tooth decay. These problems can damage overall oral health. The application of a teeth whitening procedure eliminates these imperfections and brings back the radiance of the teeth and also improves overall oral health.

Add To The Glamour Of Your Smile

The smile of an individual explains the feelings of joy, contentment and happiness. There must not be any defect in the aesthetics of an individual’s smile. The accumulation of stains and discolouration of the teeth dismantle the elegance of the smile. Getting this treatment also restores the lost glamour and sublime of a pleasing smile.

Safe and Effective

First of all, this treatment doesn’t involve surgical interventions, which means it is quite a safe procedure and does not entail an element of harm or injury. Furthermore, it produces desired results by removing stains from the teeth, restoring their brightness, and improving their functionality and aesthetics.

Custom-Made Approaches

The term teeth whitening is applied to a number of procedures that produce the same results- remove stains and reinstate the radiance of teeth. Given a variety of options, you can choose the most suitable procedure based on your specific requirements and concerns or consult with a dentist to suggest to you a procedure that suits you the most. 

Cons Of This Procedure:

  • Sensitivity is one of its side effects. Though very few people observe this issue but may cause discomfort or make someone uncomfortable. It is temporary and does not last long. You can overcome it by consulting with your dentists at Royal Cosmetic Surgery.
  • Some people may also observe gum irritation. Some whitening agents cause this issue. Most of the time, this issue appears when protective measures have not been followed properly
  • If you are pregnant, then you should not get these procedures as they may lead to any complications or discuss the matter with your dentist to minimise the risk factors
  • The colour of the crown and veneers cannot be altered or improved via this procedure, leading to the uneven teeth colour

The Final thought:

The importance of teeth cannot be ever overlooked. They not only perform crucial functions but also are deemed important for aesthetic reasoning. Their optimal functioning and overall oral health are vital for an exuberant personality. Our lifestyle and eating habits tarnish the bright appearance of the teeth and may also dismantle their functioning. Teeth whitening in Islamabad deals with issues such as stains and discolouration of teeth that may damage the aesthetics and glamour of the teeth. Before getting any procedure, you must consult with a dentist to find out your suitability.

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to regain optimal oral health and the aesthetics of a glamorous smile. Our team of dentists is known for its success ratio and patient satisfaction ratio because it believes in providing custom-made treatments. So, visit our clinic, meet with an expert and then decide based on your experience!


pros & cons of teeth whitening

The cost of this procedure largely depends on the type of procedure you are going to get. Besides that, the clinic's location, the scope of the treatment, the expertise of a dentist, additional treatment and aftercare procedures also influence the cost bracket. Normally, the cost of this treatment lies somewhere between PKR 7000 to PKR 35,000
Yes, it is. Teeth whitening deals with discolouration and stains and restores the brightness and aesthetics of the teeth. Furthermore, this procedure also improves overall oral health and adds to the elegance of an individual’s appealing smile.
The teeth whitening procedure results last from a few months to 2 to 3 years. The outcome of this treatment is not permanent, but you can still enjoy a dazzling smile for an extended period.