Neck lift surgery in 2022

Ideal candidates:

The neck lift is basically intended for the following conditions:

  • Loose neck
  • Sagging neck
  • Double chin
  • Drooping skin of the lower face
  • Excess fat in the lower jaw
  • Wrinkles in the neck region of the body
  • You are in ideal and good health
  • You do not have any underlying medical condition that impairs healing
  • You must have only realistic expectations from the results of the procedure

What options do i have for neck lift surgery?

You must meet your surgeon before the procedure so that you can determine the type.

Two choices are available:


Your neck’s extra fat and sagging skin can be removed with neck lift surgery (platysmaplasty). Platypus muscle tightening is another component of the procedure. If you have sagging skin from weight loss or skin changes brought on by ageing, you might want to consider having this surgery.


To address soft tissue issues with the chin and neck, plastic surgeons perform a cervicoplasty, a type of neck lift.

What will happen before neck lift surgery?

The following points must be kept in mind during the neck lift surgery:

  • You need to get full medical examination and lab evaluations
  • You are prohibited to take certain medications like anti-coagulants or blood thinners (aspirin, ibuprofen etc). These medicines will interfere with the recovery phase.
  • You need to quit smoking. This will also interfere with healing process.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal supplements are also prohibited.

Immediately before the procedure you will be told about:

  • The type of anesthesia to be used during the procedure
  • What type of post-operative care and instructions you need.
  • Examination of face and taking of photos.

What is the procedure of neck lift surgery?

The procedure of neck lift surgery differs depending upon the type of procedure you choose.


  • Under your chin, the surgeon will make a small incision if you have a Cervicoplasty procedure. The excess skin will then be lifted and eliminated. It might be sufficient in some circumstances to simply remove extra skin. Usually one hour is required for the whole procedure to complete.


  • If you have Platysmaplasty surgery, the doctor will make several incisions behind your ears and under your chin. After pulling the skin, they will tighten the muscles in your neck. Three to four hours may be needed to complete this procedure.

What to expect after the operation?

  • Swelling and bruising are the immediately appearing effects of the procedure.
  • There is a need of special garment. This will provide necessary compression to your neck
  • Head is kept elevated and straight.
  • It is prohibited to twist or bend the neck.

Recovery from neck contouring:

A “turkey neck” appearance is improved by this surgical procedure, which also reduces sagging skin, extra fat, and weak muscles. A younger-looking, more youthful-looking jawline, chin, and neck are the desired outcomes.

  • You must follow the special instructions given by your surgeon.
  • This will ensure your quick recovery and healing process.
  • Fluid need to be removed by the help of a drain. That is placed near the incision site.
  • Stop moving your legs vigorously. This will provide support to your stitches.
  • Swelling and bruising will persit for several days. They will subside after sometime.
  • You will need the results after sometime.

Neck lift without surgery:

There are long recovery times, costs, and risks associated with surgical procedures. To improve the appearance of their neck, many people are now using nonsurgical neck lift procedures like Botox, ultrasound therapies, lasers, and more.

Neck lift surgery cost:

The cost of Neck Lift Surgery In 2022 vary. This depends upon certain factors which are discussed as under:

Your skin’s condition will affect the price of the neck lift. Your lift’s price will also depend on how well-developed your neck muscles are and how much excess fat there is. Costs associated with more involved procedures will typically be higher.

How to choose plastic surgeon for neck lift surgery?

There is a certain criteria for choosing a plastic surgeon while undersoing nay type of cosmetic procedure.

  • Surgeon must be board-certified.
  • He must have sufficient experience and skills.
  • You can trust that a board-certified professional who works for an accredited medical facility has received the necessary thorough training and satisfies all requirements when you choose them.

Why choose us for neck lift surgery?

Always seek out a board-certified cosmetic surgeon with extensive experience, specialized training, and a neck lift when considering the procedure. A cosmetic surgeon connected to Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad will produce the best results. Ask your cosmetic surgeon about their credentials, education, and the number of procedures they have completed.

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