Jaw Surgery Cost in Islamabad


Sometimes one or both the jaws are misaligned. The surgery which is used to realign those jaws is called orthognathic surgery or jaw surgery. This type of surgery is performed by oral or maxillofacial surgeons. This is not a single procedure rather it is the combination of various procedures. These may consist of orthodontia, then jaw surgery, and several months of recovery before having more orthodontia. If you also have a misaligned jaw there is nothing to worry about as Jaw Surgery Cost in Islamabad is affordable.

Why Jaw Surgery is Done?

Jaw surgery or otherwise known as corrective jaw surgery is performed for:

  • When you have irregularities in the skeleton or specifically dental area
  • This can be done to treat any functional abnormalities.
  • To treat chronic pain ad discomfort
  • To correct a misaligned jaw
  • To gain self-confidence and boost self-esteem
  • Fixing a facial injury or congenital defect like a cleft palate
  • To avoid future tooth deterioration and to make biting, eating, and swallowing simpler.
  • Managing respiratory issues such as obstructive sleep apnea and mouth breathing

Although the journey to a perfectly aligned jaw is one that takes time and commitment from both parties, the end result will be well worth the effort. The procedure can significantly alter your appearance in addition to relieving any pain and suffering you may have been experiencing and improving your ability to chew and breathe.


When your upper and lower jaws don’t align, complications might arise. Jaw surgery can fix these difficulties. When orthodontic treatment hasn’t solved your issue, jaw surgery may be a possibility.

Before the Surgery:

  • Although everyone’s recuperation is unique, most people spend several weeks at home before going back to work or school.
  • While you heal, you might be able to undertake some light exercise like short walks.
  • Before including any activity in your daily routine, consult your healthcare practitioner.
  • It takes time to heal.
  • Your jaw may take a year to fully recover.

The Procedure of Maxillary Osteotomy:

Although the procedure needs to be customized, the following steps are common:

  • To allow them to access your upper jaw’s bones, make a small cut in the gums above your upper teeth.
  • They make a precise cut in your upper jaw’s bone so they can move it as a single piece.
  • Bring this area of your upper jaw forward so that its inappropriate alignment becomes aligned with your lower teeth.
  • Fix the bone in its new location with plates or screws.
  • Put stitches in your gums to repair the wound.

The Procedure of Mandibular Osteotomy:

Your doctor will do a mandibular osteotomy by:

  • He will make a small cut into your gums right beneath your molars on each side of your lower jaw.
  • The lower jaw’s bone is sliced, enabling the doctor to delicately reposition it.
  • Reposition the lower jawbone by moving it either forward or backward.
  • Set up plates or screws to secure the repositioned jawbone in place.
  • Use stitches to close the gum incisions.

Complications of Jaw Surgery:

  • Your teeth have been harmed.
  • Your bones do not mend properly.
  • Your jaw joint is giving you trouble.
  • You are unable to fully expand your mouth as you would like.
  • After surgery, your lower lip and cheeks are still numb.

Cost of Jaw Surgery:

Jaw Surgery Cost in Islamabad may fall between PKR 120,000 to PKR 230,000. The cost may vary depending upon several factors such as:

  • Technique used
  • Area to be treated
  • Number of sessions
  • Desired results
  • Doctor’s qualification
  • Equipment
  • Clinic location
  • Clinic level
  • Anesthesia

You must check with your insurance provider whether or not they are covering this procedure. This shall be done before booking your appointment. If there is a specific condition related to health then this will be covered by insurance otherwise it will not be covered by insurance.

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