Is mesotherapy good for melasma

Many search for a solution for melasma, a skin disorder that causes dark patches. Approaches like creams and laser therapy may give different outcomes, so people look for more efficient methods. Mesotherapy involves the microinjections of vitamins, enzymes, and other therapeutic additives into the patient’s skin. It is helpful in treating melasma. 

What is Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is a therapy that involves injecting vitamins, minerals, or other products into the mesodermal layer of the skin. It aims to improve skin glow and collagen production and treat specific skin issues. The needle is used to penetrate the skin and symbolically treat targeted areas with the active agents.

Benefits of Mesotherapy:

There are several benefits to using mesotherapy for skin regeneration.

  • It helps to enhance skin flexibility, texture, and thickness.
  •  It is helpful in conditions that affect pigmentation, which is in concordance with melasma.
  • It employs active materials that assist in eradicating dark skin tone and standardising skin tone.
  • The treatment can be customised according to the skin type, thus providing the best services to the skin.

Side Effects and Risks

Nevertheless, mesotherapy is deemed to be safe, with some possible adverse effects. Some of the potential side effects include:

  • Inflammation, 
  • Erythema, 
  • Ecchymoses, and 
  • Pruritus at the injection sites. 

What is Melasma?

Melasma is a type of skin disorder that involves hyperpigmentation of the face especially producing a brown or greyish–brown shade on the face area. It is commonly associated with hormonal changes like in pregnancy or those ladies on birth control pills, and can also be caused by sun exposure. 

Symptoms are characterized by brown or grey-brown discolouration, mostly on the cheeks, forehead, nose and upper lip. Diagnosis of ivy patch is usually clinical and no laboratory test confirms the disease.

Common Treatments for Melasma

The following options for managing melasma exist: topical therapy, which includes hydroquinone, a lightening agent, and retinoids, which control the proliferation of skin cells. 

By photocatalysis, pigmented lesions can be managed, and coloured portions of the skin can be depigmented. Other treatments, especially chemical peeling and microdermabrasion, also assist in this case because they rub off dead skin, promoting the growth of new ones.

How Mesotherapy Targets Melasma?

The procedure of mesotherapy addresses melasma by injecting substances into the skin. The aim is to break down pigmentation and reduce dark-coloured areas. 

The substances used in mesotherapy for melasma include Vitamin C, Tranexamic acid, and other lightening agents. 

Mesotherapy vs. Topical Treatments

Because it is a non-laser treatment, mesotherapy is deemed to be safer than laser treatments and eliminates most of the pitfalls. Those with very dark skin color may require laser therapy, which is quite painful and also demands more time to heal. 

It may be more appropriate in patients with mild to moderate melasma who seek an alternative to laser treatment.

Mesotherapy vs. Laser

Mesotherapy is less invasive than laser treatment, and the patient is likely to experience fewer complications. Although laser treatments can be useful to address severe pigmentation, they can lead to discomfort and take more time. This simply implies that if one is in a position never to subject themselves to extreme chemical peeling, they can opt for mesotherapy if the melasma is mild to moderate.

Mesotherapy vs. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels exfoliate skin whereas on the other hand, mesotherapy is done sub dermally. Since it does not involve using chemicals, it is often less painful than chemical peels and requires less time for healing. Both treatments have some benefits and specific risks that could come along with them.

Cost of Mesotherapy for Treatment of Melasma:

The price of mesotherapy varies between PKR 15000. However, it is different for each person and depends on several aspects, like the providers’ skills, location, and the frequency of the treatments.

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For melasma, mesotherapy is better because the procedure is accurate and has a short recovery time. If you have mesotherapy and wish to know how suitable it is for you, kindly visit Royal Cosmetic Surgery. We provide you with the best services and processes that suit your needs.