Is it possible to perform a hair transplant on a scar? | Hair transplant

Given advancements in the cosmetic field, beauty aesthetics are not limited today, and there are no hurdles to achieving a desired appearance. No matter what cosmetic concern you have, there is a way to deal with and reverse the situation. Many of us often miss the luxury of a fuller hairhead and remain unsatisfied with our appearance because of hair loss or baldness. Hair transplant in Islamabad deals with this concern and restores the glamour of hair by transplanting hair follicles into the bald patches of the scalp.

Putting aside the issue of hair loss, having scars on the head can also aggravate the pain of baldness because many people think that hair cannot be transplanted on scars. Generally, it is a misconception and today we are going to uncover the truth and add to your relief.

Scars are not natural. Surgical procedures, accidents or injuries, burns and infections can cause scars. It changes the formation and appearance of the skin from a particular area. Scarring skin is made of collagen instead of small pores. Also, it makes the skin tough and slows down blood flow to the damaged area of the skin.

Revitalise The Fantasy Of Hair: Hair Transplant

Factors such as growing age, poor lifestyle, dietary habits, and hormonal changes can lead to hair loss or baldness. Seeing hair fall is devastating, and it makes an individual depressed and unmotivated and also reduces the urge to live to the fullest. Now, we can restore lost hair through modern hair restoration procedures such as hair implantation.

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that involves extracting hair follicles from a donor site and transplanting those follicles into the bald area of the scalp. Implanted hair start growing naturally and completes their natural growth cycle.

Restore Your Confidence: Top Benefits

  • Deals with baldness and hair loss and grows hair naturally
  • Offers a permanent solution as transplanted hair completes their growth cycles
  • Implanted hair are also resistant to hair fall 
  • They do not require any specific maintenance 
  • Restores the charm and grace of a fuller hairhead
  • Improves personality aesthetics and boosts confidence and self-esteem

Is It Possible To Perform A Hair Transplant On A Scar?

Yes. It is possible. You can transplant hair on a scar. Normal treatments such as FUT and FUE hair transplants in Islamabad can be performed to implant hair in a scarring area. It is possible, but it requires special care. The skin from that particular area is hard; it is hard to find where follicles were placed earlier, and the blood supply is also limited, making it hard for a surgeon to implant hair follicles into the targeted area of the skin and ensure sufficient blood supply to newly grafted follicles for proper growth.

You must consult with a professional and choose a highly skilled professional to get this procedure and transplant hair into the bald and scarring areas of the scalp. The best hair transplant surgeon in Islamabad offers precise and custom-made treatments to make you observe optimal results. Sometimes, an individual cannot get the desired results in one session, and more than one session would be required to produce the desired results.

The Bottom Line:

Hair transplant in Islamabad is a surgical procedure that grows hair naturally by transplanting hair follicles into the bald areas of the scalp. People with scars often think they cannot grow their lost hair again. This misconception makes them compromise on their standards. This hair restoration procedure can also transplant and grow hair on scarring areas of the scalp. People with scars should consult with a professional and discuss their concerns and fears. So, it is possible to perform transplantation on a scar through proper evaluation and precise and careful treatment.

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Can you do a hair transplant on a scar?

Yes. It is possible. You can get hair transplant on a scar. It requires special care to get this procedure done.

How much is a hair transplant over a scar?

You can have a hair transplant over a scar somewhere between PKR to PKR. The overall cost of this procedure varies significantly because of a few cost-determining factors, such as the number of grafts required for a specific procedure, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a surgeon.

Is it painful to get a hair transplant?

During the procedure, a surgeon utilises local anaesthesia to reduce pain and discomfort and ensure a comfortable experience. Following treatment, the patient may experience mild discomfort. A surgeon also prescribes medicines to manage that discomfort.