Is arm lift surgery painful

Worried about the definition and contour of your arm? Are excess skin and fat annoying you? Have you lost aesthetic appeal or the strength of your muscles? Is excess fat affecting the movement of your arm? If Yes! Then we have got you covered. Arm lift surgery at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad is your solution. This specific procedure removes excess fat and skin from upper arms, improves its mobility and aesthetics and boosts your confidence and self-esteem.

Transform the Elegance Of Your Arm:

You cannot deny the significance of a toned, properly defined and contour shape. Even people love having a sculpted appearance. So, when it comes to the aesthetics of the arm, how can one reduce his/her aesthetic standards? People experiencing excess fat and skin on their upper arms can undergo Brachioplasty (Arm lift Surgery) in Islamabad. This is a surgical approach which intends to extract excess fat and skin from the upper arm and improve its aesthetics and contour.

People who seek a more balanced, toned, sculpted, and properly refined shape for their arms should undergo this treatment. This is not that much intensive and intriguing approach. It offers immediate results and improves the aesthetics and movement of your treated arm.

Top Benefits Of This Technique:

  • Produce a more sculpted and properly defined look
  • Removes excess skin and fat from the targeted area
  • Improves mobility and also enhances the aesthetics of the arm
  • Reduces excess weight and transforms the appearance
  • Offers a natural and harmonious contour
  • Brings about desired results and improves the quality of life
  • Restores aesthetics and boosts confidence and self-esteem

Is Arm Lift Surgery Painful?

Always consult with an expert before undergoing any treatment! A professional informs you about your suitability for a particular procedure and also the chances of success. After ensuring your suitability, you should go for this treatment. 

It is a surgical procedure and involves cuts and incisions. But you do not feel any pain and discomfort during the treatment because your surgeon will use local anesthesia to reduce these sensations. So, during the procedure, you will not observe pain and discomfort. You might experience pain and discomfort following this surgery. Your surgeon will also prescribe you some medications to manage post-operative pain and discomfort and make the recovery period relatively comfortable for you.

At RCS, we take care of your comfort. Also, our experts strive to make the recovery procedure less painful and more comfortable for every patient. Our medical team remains in touch with our patients and guides them properly throughout the recovery period.

What Is The Cost Of This Technique?

The cost of arm lift surgery in Islamabad ranges between 320,000 PKR to 480,000 PKR. The price of this procedure does not remain the same. It depends on the scope or extent of the procedure, available facilities, additional procedures, the clinic’s location and reputation and the expertise of a surgeon.

How Long Is Arm Lift Recovery?

It might take about five to six weeks to resume your normal activities and feel normal after undergoing arm lift surgery. The recovery period might increase or decrease based on the intensity of the procedure and a patient’s adherence to aftercare instructions.

The Final Thought:

Arm lift surgery in Islamabad is a cosmetic approach to remove excess fat and skin from the upper arm. This procedure not only removes excess fat but produces a properly defined, toned and sculpted arm. During the procedure, local anesthesia is used to manage pain and discomfort and make the treatment comfortable for a patient. So you do not feel any adverse sensation during this technique. Additionally, your surgeon also prescribes some medications to manage your post-operative pain and discomfort.

Visit Us And Find Comfort:

Schedule your appointment at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad to deal with your cosmetic and aesthetic concerns and bring about your desired shape, appearance and aesthetics. At RCS, we offer personalised treatments and strive to produce your desired results. Visit our clinic and let us refine your personality aesthetics!


Is arm lift surgery painful?

Yes. Obviously. Arm lift surgery in Islamabad removes excess fat and skin from the upper arm of an individual and produces a more contoured, toned, and sculpted appearance.
The results of arm lift surgery in Islamabad are permanent if you maintain your weight and fitness. Excess fat and skin is removed during the procedure, making its results long-lasting.
No. You will not feel pain and discomfort during arm lift. Your surgeon will utilise local anaesthesia to make the procedure comfortable and painless.