crown hair transplant in islamabad

 Crown area hair transplant in Islamabad gives a charming look and has a considerable impact on an individual’s self-esteem. The role of hair is vital, and everyone understands the importance of hair in identifying a person’s personality. Unfortunately, hair loss has become quite common these days, and several factors, such as poor diet, genetics, and lack of care, can be counted for hair loss. The process of hair loss can be different for everyone, but most people observe baldness in their crown area. This blog will explore whether hair transplant in the crown area is a viable option.

Crown Area Hair Transplant in Islamabad

The crown area is also called the vertex, as it is the highest point on the scalp. This is deemed the most affected area by hair loss. Further, an individual can find it difficult to cover this area. So, it annoys a person and makes them look for a viable solution.  Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that deals with hair loss, tackles baldness and restores hair on the treated site. Hair follicles from a donor site are extracted and transplanted into the treated or recipient site. In case of hair loss in the crown area, hair follicles will be planted on the crown area of the head. 

Let’s Address Your Concern Now!

Hair transplant in Islamabad improves the density of hair on the scalp. The specific areas of the scalp that experience hair loss can be targeted through this treatment. This procedure can restore hair in any part of the scalp, including the crown area. So, you can regain hair on the crown area of the scalp through a hair transplant. 

Benefits of Crown Area Hair Transplant In Islamabad

People struggling with hair loss in the crown area can get several benefits from a hair transplant. Hair transplant boosts confidence, offers a balanced look and eliminates a sense of unhappiness.

Restores Natural Hairline

Hair transplant methods such as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transportation (FUT) restore the natural look and normal hair growth pattern. Hair follicles are grafted in this procedure, which makes the process seamless and reestablish the original hair symmetry on the crown area.

Lasting Results

We understand you hate baldness and hair loss, especially in the crown area. But you would not go for a temporary solution. Hair transplant at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad considers this concern of its potential clients. Hair transplant is not a temporary solution like wigs or hairpieces; its results are enduring. 

Enhances Aesthetics

Hair loss can disturb the aesthetics of an individual, but hair transplant can reinstate the natural look and facial symmetry. Further, it improves the youthful appearance and makes an individual comfortable with his skin. 

A Customised Approach

The baldness pattern may be different in every person. It means a solution can only entertain some. But crown area hair transplant in Islamabad is a customised and tailor-made approach to deal with baldness and bring back the normal hair pattern. A patient’s hair type, hair density and requirements are incorporated into this treatment. 

Improves Self-Confidence

Hair loss in the crown area can be disturbing, decreasing your self-esteem and self-confidence. But when you return to your normal hair pattern, you feel a positive change in your body, boosting your confidence, self-esteem and positive energy. 

The Cost of Hair Transplant in Islamabad

The cost of hair transplant varies, and it leans on several factors, including but not limited to the extent of hair loss, the number of grafts required, the location and facilities available in the clinic and the experience of the practitioner.  In Islamabad, the cost generally starts from PKR 85,000 and it depends upon the patients treated area and other factors.  It is suggested to visit clinics and practitioners to get the most viable option for you. 

Post-operative Measures

  • Keep your scalp dry and avoid excessive movement
  • If you feel pain or swelling, use prescribed medicines or painkillers.
  • Do not touch or scratch the treated part of the scalp
  • Avoid using shampoo for at least 10 to 14 days

The Epilogue

Hair loss causes severe damage to our personality. But it can be treated effectively and permanently. Hair transplant restores hair in the crown area and enhances the charm of your personality and confidence. Its results are effective and lasting and eliminate the negative senses attached to baldness.

Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad makes hair transplant in the crown area a viable option for you. Experts here first analyse the patient, and based on that, they proceed to get the optimal results. If you are dealing with hair loss, contact Royal Cosmetic Surgery Islamabad for the best solution.