How to sleep after a hair transplant?

Are you having trouble sleeping due to your recent hair transplant? You’re not alone! Post-surgical comforts and the challenges of getting a comfortable sleep. With this in mind, this guide will briefly introduce you to some positive lifestyle changes that can help you relax and assist you in overcoming that hair transplantation trauma. 

Regardless of whether you are experiencing pain or concerned about the newly transplanted locks in fear of injury, we have the right answers for you! Now, let’s take care of it all and help you get a good night’s sleep!

Why Sleeping Position is Important After Post-Hair Transplant?

The right sleep is critical for an uncomplicated recovery after a hair transplant. Sleep is considered important for healing, and when an individual sleeps well, the body gets the opportunity to repair itself. Also, ensuring good sleep improves your immunity and prevents infections that might hinder your progress.

It is also important not to sleep with your head in an unbalanced position since this can damage the newly transplanted hair. The elevation of the head by a few centimeters should prevent extra swelling of the grafts and also any possible rubbing or pressure on them.

Preparing Your Sleeping Environment:

  • First of all, one has to ensure that one uses a proper pillow that supports one’s head and neck well.
  • Choose pillows made of memory foam or those made for post-transplant sleep since they will provide the best support for your precious transplants.
  • Arrange your pillows in a certain way for comfort and position. 
  • Slight elevation of the head will help to reduce the swelling of the operation area and avoid any pressure on the transplanted area.

Best Sleeping Positions After a Hair Transplant

  • Back Sleeping

Back sleeping is recommended because it reduces the pressure on the area of transplantation and the tendency to squeeze grafts by rubbing. Some may choose more comfortably based on their body size. When the person sleeps on their back, they must sleep with a pillow on the mattress that keeps their head and neck rigid.

  • Side Sleeping

Slightly turning to sides reduces snoring and makes for better digestion. However, it is necessary to tread with care so as not to strain over the area that was transplanted. When sitting, place a pillow between your legs; it will help to reduce stress on the spine and neck. Also, it is important never to rest your head on the pillow to prevent any unnecessary rubbing on the grafts.

Maintaining Proper Hair Care While Sleeping

Choose satin or silk covers for bedding so that they won’t cause friction that damages hair. These materials are very gentle on the hair, and the hair will not be pulled or tugged when the child is sleeping.

Wearing soft, wearable hair caps or head scarfs made from fabrics may help to prevent hair loss while sleeping. They help protect your grafts from further injury and, at the same time, assist in enhancing healthy hair growth throughout the recovery stage.

Tips for Better Sleep Post Hair Transplant

Avoiding sleep deprivation helps avoid extending the recovery period after the hair transplant. Here are some tips to help you achieve better sleep:

Establish a bedtime routine: 

Sleeping at regular hours is also a good practice. It is good to try to sleep and wake up at the same time daily to set their body clock. Avoid doing activities that are too stimulating in the last minutes before sleep, such as running, working, and watching movies.

Stay hydrated: 

Water is an important nutrient that helps your body operate at its best and increases sleep duration. A person should take more water during the day to keep the body well hydrated. The only concern here is to limit the consumption of drinks that may rest you out of your sleep with recurring toilet trips.

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