Nicotine stains

Smoking negatively affects your gums, teeth, and lungs because of the nicotine in the tobacco used to make the cigarettes. Yes, smoking affects the health of your gums and teeth as well. A pale stain is one of the most obvious symptoms of smoking, adversely damaging your dental structure. However, many people don’t know How to Remove Nicotine Stains from Your Teeth? So, there is good news for you: Royal cosmetic clinic offers special treatments for such oral health issues.

In this blog post, you will find cosmetic dental treatments, causes of stains, results, benefits, and many more. So, take a moment and read the following details.

Causes Of Nicotine Stains On Teeth:

Yes, if you smoke frequently or are a chain smoker, your teeth most likely have a little tint. However, depending on your dental hygiene and teeth cleaning routine, you can also notice other conditions like tooth decay or cavities, teeth sensitivity, foul breath, or other oral problems.

Therefore, you can reduce your smoking or use some other methods to lessen the effect of nicotine on your teeth to prevent dental decay and cavities. One of the most significant issues that plague the majority of smokers is staining on the teeth, which, if left untreated, can result in serious oral issues.

Some individuals have discolored teeth from birth, such as candidates with tetracycline stains; this occurs when the mother takes antibiotics while she is pregnant, and it affects the fetus’s developing tooth buds.

How To Remove Them?

One can do little to prevent nicotine stains by staying home and doing nothing. Candidates mistakenly feel that brushing their teeth bold will help them impart nicotine staining. Still, they are unaware that these stains are deeply ingrained in the surface of the enamel and that only effective professional treatment will help them remove them.

Treatment Options:

According to the royal cosmetic clinic, there are various treatment options that are effective for removing any kind of stains from teeth. These are mentioned below

  • Polishing and Scaling – The surface of the teeth is very little cleaned of extrinsic nicotine stains with routine scaling and polishing. The stain can still lighten, and the plaque, which is frequently mixed with the stains, can be readily removed, even though it does not totally eradicate them, and there is a return potential. After scaling, polishing gives the teeth’s surface a new gloss and sheen.
  • Teeth whitening – Dental bleaching done at home differs from conventional bleaching techniques. The maximum and permissible dose of hydrogen peroxide used for treatments in dental offices is 10%. Because it takes a lot of expertise and experience to handle and apply hydrogen peroxide, only a qualified dentist can offer teeth whitening treatment by bleaching.
  • Teeth whitening with Zoom Laser – The best method for teeth whitening is thought to be Zoom laser whitening. By Utilizing well-developed laser technology, teeth can be whitened not only on the surface but also deep inside the layers of the teeth.

What To Expect In Results?

After getting a suitable treatment, you will get effective and amazing results. However, to keep the shiny teeth appearance for a long time, you need to follow the aftercare instructions that your dental practitioner would prescribe.

Otherwise, if you continue the smoking, the teeth may get stains again. Also, you can have these treatments in multiple sessions as it is necessary to visit your dentist after every six months.

The Bottom Line!

Therefore, you may get the answer of How To Remove Nicotine Stains From Your Teeth. So, if you want to get these amazing treatments and want to make your teeth shiny and whiten, then feel free to consult royal cosmetic surgery clinic. We are here to make your smile more attractive and clear.