breast augmentation

breast augmentation Breast augmentation in Islamabad enhances the size and shape of an individual’s breasts and improves the body contour. Although undergoing this treatment is a personalized decision, but aftercare cannot be denied at any cost. Like any other surgery, rest is an obligation after breast surgery. This blog will teach us about the sleeping positions required for a safe and comfortable recovery.

What is Breast Augmentation? 

This procedure is also known as augmentation mammoplasty. Primary, it is performed to improve the appearance of breasts by increasing or decreasing the size, altering the shape, and transferring fat. This surgical procedure is equally popular worldwide as it enhances the proposition of the body and improves personal appearance by providing the desired breast size and shape. 

Benefits of Breasts Augmentation in Islamabad

Following are a few potential benefits for people seeking this treatment.

  • This surgical procedure allows an individual to get her desired breast shape and maintain a desired body contour. 
  • It deals with naturally small and asymmetrical breasts, creating harmony and demanded symmetry
  • Helps you attain a harmonious and pleasing body contour
  • If you have lost the volume of your breasts because of pregnancy or breastfeeding, this procedure can restore the lost volume and reinstate the fullness and firmness of your breasts
  • Corrects asymmetry of breasts and creates a balance
  • Breast augmentation in Islamabad also enhances clothing options by improving the body contour
  • Improves confidence and self-esteem
  • Rejuvenates the feeling of youthfulness  


The process begins with a consultation where the surgeon gets the brief detail, history, and purpose of the surgery, which helps him select the required procedure and its scope. Anesthesia is used to numb the area and avoid pain. After that, the surgeon makes incisions based on his defined technique. Then the surgeon inserts implants on the selected site that can be above or beneath the chest muscle. Following this, the incisions are closed with sutures. 

Post-operative care 

  • Adhere to the instructions given to you by your surgeon for optimized results.
  • Only use prescribed medicines to manage pain or discomfort
  • It is better to use compression garments to minimize swelling and support
  • Avoid physical activities such as weight lifting, exercise for a specific period
  • Keep the treated site clean and dry
  • After the treatment, visit your surgeon regularly to evaluate the healing process.

In addition to these,  

Rest is a prerequisite for a proper healing process, especially after breast augmentation. Many patients seem worried about their sleeping positions as sometimes, our positions can disturb recovery. 

Let’s Move on to Finding the Best Sleeping Positions after Breast Augmentation

As your primary purpose is to prevent excess pressure on the chest and reduce irritation, for that, you have to compromise on your desired sleeping positions. The best sleeping option is to sleep on your back, as this position reduces pressure and does not cause any harm to the treated site. You can also use a pillow for your ease. If you do not like sleeping on your back or are tired of it, the best alternative is a side sleeping position. But you have to make sure there is no pressure on the implanted area. Furthermore, do not even think of sleeping on your stomach during the recovery period, as it can cause discomfort and cease the healing process. 

Do not ignore the following points during the healing process.

  • Choose a sleeping position that minimizes pressure on the chest 
  • The position that does not create any risk of implant displacement
  • Be careful to avoid accidental rolling
  • Keep in mind that excessive pressure can disturb the healing process

Why Good Sleep Matters After Surgery

Sleep is essential for the overall health and wellness of the human body. Good sleep promotes blood flow, enhances cellular regeneration, improves cognitive function, and reduces the risks of inflammation. Furthermore, it fosters the healing process and keeps an individual mentally and physically healthy and sound.  

The Bottom Line

Breast augmentation in Islamabad enhances the body’s  posture and overall physical appearance. This surgery is quite complicated, and even we cannot slightly ignore post-operative measures. During the recovery period, we also prefer suitable sleeping positions to ensure proper recovery. Sleeping on the back is the most suggested option after breast augmentation because it reduces stress on the implanted area and does not put pressure.

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