How many grafts are used for full beard hair transplant in Islamabad

A beard symbolizes manly strength and is seen as beautiful and mature by the opposite gender. Men always worry about growing or dying their beards to hide facial scars or uneven growth. However, such days are gone.  Most beard hair transplantation patients want to look macho. Some do it to hide acne scars, while others fill in uneven beard areas. But, if you are going for a beard transplant, you should know all about its results. 

While the number of grafts varies from person to person, there are ways to get an estimation to get a fuller look. So, let’s find out!

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is a procedure during which hair follicles are relocated from the “donor site” to the “recipient site.” It usually helps men with male pattern baldness. This involves transplanting genetic hair-resistant hair follicles into calved areas of scalps.

It also covers scars from accidents or surgeries and regenerates hair on the chest, pubic area, beard, eyebrows, and eyelashes. Hair transplant grafts almost completely contain the epidermis and dermis surrounding the hair follicle, which differs greatly from skin grafting, which uses one strip.

How is a Beard Hair Transplant Done?

  1. The hair transplant surgeon will inject local anaesthesia into donor locations to harvest hair follicles painlessly.
  2. After that, he removes donor hair follicles from the donor areas.
  3. After that, he will apply a local anesthetic to your recipient’s beard to make implantation nearly painless.
  4. An experienced hair restoration surgeon will make small incisions on the area of your beard that is treated.
  5. Finally, he delicately places the harvested hair follicles into the beard incisions, which will receive the hair. He uses right angles to accomplish the beard transplant.

What to do After a Beard Hair Transplant?

After the operation, follow these Beard Transplant guidelines:

  • Take your prescribed medications regularly.
  • After this surgery, keep your beard dry for 48–72 hours.
  • Be careful not to shave your beard until it grows evenly.
  • Please don’t wash your scalp for 72 hours to avoid infection.
  • Rest for 36–48 hours before starting.
  • For 36 hours, avoid intense physical activity.

Recovery and Expected Results

Transplant therapy causes pain and discomfort. This is typical of the recovery process after the procedure. All side effects are temporary and will disappear within days. Avoid heavy activities the day after surgery. Follow the surgeon’s instructions to recover quickly and safely. Here are some post-procedural instructions;

  • Use cold compresses to minimize swelling and bleeding.
  • Try not to touch your face while recovering.
  • After therapy, wait 10 days before shaving your beard.
  • Avoid bright sunlight.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking after therapy.
  • Remember to take your medications on time.

Advantages of Beard Hair Transplantation 

The latest cosmetic procedure has many benefits, including:

  • You can rebuild your self-confidence.
  • The facial hair will look amazing.
  • Hair growth will increase by 98% and become fuller and denser.
  • One or two sessions are enough to see results.
  • Quick recovery is possible.
  • Scarring is unlikely.
  • This improves the patient’s appearance.

What to expect after a hair transplant?

Smooth, noninvasive therapy is performed. The surgery usually has no side effects. However, some patients may feel moderate scalp soreness for a few days. Follow the post-operative recommendations to reduce pain. These things just last a few days, so don’t worry about them. Talking to your doctor about this is best. The patient will recover within 7-10 days.

How Many Grafts Are Used For a Full Beard Hair Transplant?

The number of grafts needed to have a full beard can be different. In the case of a beard transplant, it depends on the hair, beard density, present density and coverage area. Normally, a full beard requires about 2,000 to 4,000 grafts, with additional hair taken as grafts for transplant. 

What is the Cost of a Full Beard Hair Transplant in Islamabad?

The cost of full beard hair transplant in Islamabad  ranges between 85,000 PKR to 125,000 PKR  Because everyone has various needs, the price range varies. Several factors may affect the treatment’s cost. The following things affect costs:

  • The number of grafts and extra treatments.
  • The aftercare process
  • Where the clinic is
  • Surgeon skills and knowledge 

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