Does dimpleplasty look natural


Dimpleplasty in Islamabad is a kind of plastic surgery in order to make dimples on the cheeks. The indentations that some people’s smiles leave behind are called dimples. They are typically found on the bottom of the cheeks. Additionally, certain persons may have them on the chin.  This facial feature is not inherited by all people. In some people, these dermal indentations from deeper face muscles are a natural occurrence. Injury may result in others. Whatever their origins, some cultures consider dimples to be a symbol of beauty, luck, and even wealth. Now Royal Cosmetic Surgery in Islamabad is offering this procedure at an affordable cost. Read on to learn more about Does dimpleplasty look natural?

Types of Dimples:

Face Dimples This is the most frequent and well-known dimple on the cheeks. It can be found on different parts of the cheek. Some persons only have one dimple rather than two. The addition of dimples can make the face look more angular, and frequently, the individual who has gone through this is thought to have lost weight. 

Chin Dimple – A less frequent indentation on the face is known as a “cleft chin”. It develops as a result of a connection to the jaw structure beneath the skin (i.e. John Travolta). The probability of getting a chin dimple if one parent has one is great because it is a dominant trait. 

Back Dimple – The least well-known of the three is the back dimple, sometimes known as the “dimple of Venus” after the Roman God of Beauty. It occurs more frequently in women than in men and is located in the lower back.

Surgical Steps:

An outpatient procedure is used to do a Dimpleplasty in Islamabad. This indicates that you can have the surgery performed at your surgeon’s office rather than at a hospital. Additionally, you might not require general anaesthesia.

A topical anaesthetic, such as lidocaine, will first be applied to the affected area of the skin by your doctor. This makes sure you don’t feel any discomfort throughout the procedure. Your surgeon will start working after around 10 minutes.

Then, in order to manually generate a dimple in your skin, your doctor makes a small biopsy hole in your body using a biopsy tool. To facilitate production, a small quantity of fat and muscle are eliminated. The region measures two to three millimetres in length.

A suture (sling) is then placed from one side of the facial muscle to the other after your doctor has made room for the dimple. The dimple is then securely fixed into position by tying the sling.

Who Is the Ideal Candidate for a Dimpleplasty Procedure?

Anyone seeking to make their cheeks or chin appear to have natural dimples. 

Additionally, those who are in generally good health are good candidates for a Dimpleplasty in Pakistan

Anyone who has blood clotting disorders, diabetes, infections in or around the mouth, or who smokes heavily and is unable to stop for the duration of the plastic surgery is not a candidate for a dimpleplasty.

Does Dimpleplasty Look Natural?

With dimpleplasty, sutures are stitched inside the mouth, resulting in no visible scars and a dimple that appears natural once the healing process is finished.

Side Effects:

Following a dimpleplasty in Islamabad, complications could include infection, asymmetry, soreness, bruising, and protracted swelling.


The price range for a dimpleplasty In Islamabad is variable. But as it is a minor procedure so it won’t cost you much. The real cost of a dimpleplasty depends on the area of the procedure, the board-certified facial plastic surgeon doing the procedure, the extent of the plastic surgery, and other factors.


Dimpleplasty recovery is a fairly simple process. There’s no need for you to come to the hospital. In fact, following surgery, you can usually return home right away. You can have little oedema right after the treatment. Although swelling can be reduced by using cold packs, it often goes down on its own in a matter of days.

Generally, two days after undergoing a dimpleplasty in Islamabad, patients can resume their regular schedules of work, school, and other activities. After the procedure, your doctor will probably want to check on you for a few weeks to evaluate the results. Hence, now you must be aware that the answer to this question is affirmative: Does Dimpleplasty Look Natural?

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