Cost of Dermal Fillers in Islamabad, Pakistan

The skin shows the most significant changes in appearance and texture as we age. Wrinkles may form across the entire face or at the eyes and lips. Many people worldwide are self-conscious about their appearance and want to seem young. You may be considering treatments to smooth your skin, face, smile lines, or crow’s feet and fill your lips, cheeks, and hands. Dermatological fillers in Islamabad can reduce these signs of aging and restore youthful skin.  Read on to know about the Cost of Dermal Fillers in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

What are Derma Fillers?

Fillers are substances used to augment the skin’s thickness or size. These products usually target facial wrinkles, fame lines, and skin holes. Some dermal fillers used are fat, collagen, hyaluronic acid, and hydroxyapatite, and these fillers will depend on the area to be treated and the desired outcome.

Types of Dermal Fillers Available in Islamabad

Dermal fillers are generally safe and effective, but they might cause side effects like any medical procedure. Discussing this with your dermatologist is crucial.  

  • Common fillers include hyaluronic acid, which lasts six to twelve months or longer. It also comes in Juvederm and belotero balance formulations. 
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite, a filler, contains a mineral and a major bone component. They will last at least 18 months. 

Are You a Good Candidate?

People who should get dermal fillers: We treat many skin issues with dermal filler injections at our Islamabad clinic. This procedure is safe and effective. To be considered for the process, you must meet its conditions. You are a good candidate for such treatment if you meet these criteria:

  • Not a smoker.
  • Small lines appear on your lips.
  • You may see lines around your eyes, mouth, and nose.
  • Your nose has some minor skin irregularities.
  • Your chin shrinks.
  • Your cheeks lack fullness compared to your lips.
  • You expect good results from this treatment.
  • You wish to improve your face.

How Dermal Fillers Work?

Dermal fillers are usually injected with a precise needle. The surgery is generally done in a clinic or doctor’s office, and the results may last months or a year, depending on the filler used. It can improve face appearance in many ways, including:

  • Filling wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Filling thin lips.
  • To enhance faint contours. 
  • To soften facial scars.
  • Make receding scars look better.

The Process:

A skilled and board-certified practitioner will perform dermal fillers. Injectables are easy to administer. Only a few cases require anesthesia. Each stage is listed below.

  • After cleaning the skin, the practitioner prepares the area for treatment. 
  • After that, dermal injections will be given beneath the skin and corrected before injection. 
  • The treatment time, which will be 15–40 minutes, will depend on the number of filler injections and the area size. 
  • After the noninvasive procedure, you don’t need to take time off from work or home. You can go straight to work or home.


Dermal fillers may provide these benefits:

  • The effects are spectacular and practical. 
  • Thin lips will inflate. 
  • Your facial wrinkles will look less visible. 
  • Enhance shallow curves. 
  • Scars should stand out. 
  • These facial form problems must be fixed.
  • Reduce or eliminate the lower lid shadow.


Dermal filler in Islamabad produces astonishing, satisfying, and long-lasting results. Results usually depend on the product and filler. Fillers last six to 18 months or longer.  According to your practitioner, you may need to repeat the treatment with multiple sessions to maintain the results. The amount of filler will be modified after each session for optimal results.

Cost of Dermal Fillers in Islamabad, Pakistan:

The cost of dermal fillers in Islamabad Pakistan cost between PKR 45,000 to PKR 70,000 depending on the number needed and the location. The following considerations also affect cost:

  • The cost of the operation depends on the fillers used, particularly what type of acid is used in injectable solutions. Hyaluronic acid is usually used, although peptides will increase the price.
  • The price depends on the number of fillings needed. The larger the treatment area, the more injections are required.
  • Smaller clinics may offer cheaper answers than larger ones. The clinics’ exceptional locations and high-end amenities are the main reasons.
  • Dermatologists charge varied rates depending on their experience. New professionals usually charge less than experienced ones.

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