Cost of Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad


Are you facing troubles growing out your hair? Is it thinning and leading to bald spots? Are you resorting to hiding the thinning and balding with caps and hoodies? Well, then it is time for you to book an appointment to get a Hair Transplant Surgery. In Pakistan, a good percentage of men suffer from baldness before they reach their forties. Most of these men suffer from hair loss due to extremely stressful working environments or sometimes it’s just bad genes. The subcontinent men suffer a lot in the social perspective due to this problem, leading them to shave their heads or try wacky combover styles. The best solution is to call Royal Cosmetics Surgery Clinic and get the Cost of Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

Which Technique is the Best For Hair Transplant?

There are two transplant methods available in the cosmetology industry but they both follow the same pattern; extract and harvest. This basic guideline is used by both methods in order to carry out a transplant. These techniques are known as FUT and FUE. Although they’re both the same, FUE is considered the Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan. There are a number of factors that make it better than the FUE but that does not mean that getting the FUT will cause you any serious harm.

What Makes FUE The Best Technique:

The professional and public opinion on this matter is that this option is better due to its accessibility. Other factors that make it the better option are described below:

  • It has a shorter recovery period
  • There are fewer chances of scarring
  • Harvest sites can easily be hidden
  • It does not require too much time
  • Any skilled surgeon can easily perform this
  • It is minimally invasive
  • No stitches are needed after harvesting the follicles.
  • You can return to your daily activities instantly

What is the Cost of Best Hair Transplant:

If you are planning on getting brand new locks, the Cost of The Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan would range from PKR 70,000 to PKR 350,000.

It is important to note that this cost does not include just the cost of the treatment, it includes everything needed for the procedure too. Most people have this idea that there will extra service charges on top of these charges, and some clinics have hidden charges too. But we at Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic Islamabad have no extra charges on top of the given estimated value.

Factors That Can Change Your Billing:

Although there are no additional service charges at our clinic, it is still essential to understand that there are several things that can change the amount of money you pay for the procedure.

The Technique:

Your transplant cost can go up and down depending on which technique you pick. The best option, FUE, costs less compared to getting a FUT.

The number of Bald Spots:

If you want to get a full head transplant it will cost you money. But if you want to just get small patches covered, it will cost you less money.

The Results:

Most people pay less money for hair implants and do not get their desired results. It is best to save up to get the results you want.

The Sessions:

Getting a follicle implant is a one-time thing, you do not need to go again and again. Our clinic also offers free follow-up appointments as they are included in the overall amount.

Doctor’s qualification:

If you get the procedure done by our head cosmetologist, he will charge you more money.


Most clinics charge extra for providing medical equipment and numbing agents. But at our clinic, it’s included in the charges.

The Clinic:

Most hospitals offer discounts but their services are not up to the mark. As for private clinics, their fees are higher but the services are exceptional.

Insurance Policy:

Most insurance companies are strict about paying for beauty treatments. But there are some cases where your insurance company will be willing to pay half or even the full amount of the treatment. This is in the case of getting a chronic disease such as cancer or suffering from side effects from medication.

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The Cost of Best Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Pakistan is much more affordable compared to any other place. Most clinics in the Capital offer expensive packages for this procedure but we make sure to keep the client’s best interest at heart and provide options that are light on the pocket. Got any queries or questions? Sign up today for a free consultation session with the best cosmetologists in the country!