Can You Put A Dental Crown on Decayed Teeth

Decaying teeth are challenging to treat with dental care. Moreover, they often need extensive work to recover their function and appearance. However, if you have damaged teeth, can you put a dental crown on a decayed Tooth? Additionally, this is a tooth-shaped cap called a dental crown that covers a damaged, broken, weak, or worn-down tooth. Moreover, dentists also use caps. Dentists also use caps for dental implants and teeth with root canals. Therefore, a crown is a flexible way to fix dental problems. Furthermore, we will discuss putting dental caps on damaged teeth: is it possible, how does it work, and what should you think about in this blog?

Can You Put A Dental Crown on Decayed Teeth?

Dentists generally use dental crowns on rotted teeth to fix their structure and make them work again. Moreover, this treatment choice may be possible. However, it will depend on how bad the decay is and how healthy the tooth is generally. Therefore, if the rot is awful, you may need extra work, like root canal treatments, before you can put on a crown.

A crown is a cap that fits over a tooth. Anchoring weak, broken, or damaged teeth with crowns is what dentists do. Additionally, a cap is like a tight hat that covers your whole tooth. To ensure the new crown fits right, your dentist must take a small amount of enamel. Dental workers can make crowns from plastic, metal, ceramic, and other materials.

How to Put Dental Crowns on Teeth That Are Losing Their Strength:

It usually takes the following steps to put a dental cap on a tooth that has decay:

  • Evaluation: Your dentist will examine the damaged tooth, judge its state, and decide if a dental crown is the best treatment.
  • Decay Removal: If needed, the dentist will cut out the rotted part of the tooth to make a stable base for the crown.
  • Preparing the Tooth: The tooth is shaped and ready for the dental crown. It might mean making the tooth smaller so there is enough room for the crown to fit firmly.
  • Impression: Another step is printing the tooth to ensure it fits correctly and matches the other teeth in the mouth.
  • Crown Placement: While the permanent crown is being made in a dental lab, a temporary crown may be put on. We use dental paste to attach the permanent crown to the tooth once it is ready.

Things to Think About When Putting Dental Crowns on Decayed Teeth:

When choosing whether to put a dental crown on a damaged tooth, you should think about several things:

  • How Bad the Decay Is: If the decay has badly damaged the tooth structure or entered the pulp chamber, a dental crown might not be enough to fix the problem. You might need more treatments, like root canal therapy.
  • Tooth Strength: The part of the tooth should be strong enough to hold the dental crown in place. In cases of severe decay or structural weakness, try a different type of treatment.
  • Oral Hygiene: Good oral hygiene habits, like cleaning, flossing, and visiting the dentist for check ups regularly, are necessary to keep dental crowns on damaged teeth healthy and long-lasting.

Cost of Treatment:

Putting a dental crown on a damaged tooth can cost different amounts. Moreover, it is based on the dentist’s location, the materials they use for the crown, and how many sessions you will require. Furthermore, factors like removing the decay, doing root canal therapy, and other essential procedures also determine the overall cost. However, most of the time, a dental crown costs between Rs: 18,000 to Rs: 30,000 per tooth.

Final Thoughts:

Decayed teeth can sometimes have dental caps, depending on many things. Moreover, it depends on how bad the decay is and how healthy the tooth is overall. Talking to a skilled dentist is essential for determining your dental needs. Furthermore, the expert will choose the best treatment plan for improving your mouth health and function.

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