Can Skin whitening treatment cause skin peeling

Melanin production can be reduced by procedures termed skin whitening, which also includes any product. The pigment melanin gives skin its color; excess melanin formation will cause problems such as hyperpigmentation, dark patches, and uneven skin tone.

People spend much time looking for fair skin through various bleaching treatments. Despite the many options, skin peeling is the biggest problem. 

What are Skin Whitening Treatments?

Melanin determines skin color, and darker skin has more melanin. Genetics also determine skin melanin levels. Chemicals and sunlight can impact melanin production. What is the purpose of skin whitening treatments?

Glutathione-based skin whitening enhances skin tone. This chemical blocks the body’s melanin-forming enzyme. Bleaching lotions or fading creams, peels using chemicals, and other skin-lightening procedures block the tyrosinase enzyme, which forms melanin. Melanin decreases in the skin.

Skin whitening solutions improve the appearance and make skin whiter and more vibrant. The therapy also improves skin texture.

What skin Whitening methods are available?

Glutathione injections

Glutathione injections inhibit tyrosinase synthesis, which lightens skin. This enzyme causes melanin levels to grow. Glutathione injections cleanse and protect the skin from UV radiation while lightening it. The liver naturally produces glutathione, an antioxidant that helps eliminate pollutants.

Chemical Peels

This is done using natural alpha-hydroxy acids. The peel removes the injured skin’s top layer, prevents melanin buildup, and promotes healthy tissue growth. Three types of chemical peels are light, medium, and deep. Each has a different peel penetration.

Skin regeneration with laser

Lasers are used to reduce dark spots and imperfections. The laser can destroy melanin-producing cells or eliminate the outermost skin layer. Both techniques work. We will test the procedure on a tiny area of your body before starting it to see how it affects your skin.

PRP Mesotherapy and Vampire Facial

This approach is manageable, even if celebrities have promoted it. This process consists of centrifuging a blood sample from your hand to separate the platelets and plasma layer. Next, 0.5-2.5 millimeter needles penetrate only the superficial layer of your skin. Cell injury produces collagen and elastin, which aids skin healing. PRP is applied to the skin after microneedling to speed healing.

What causes skin peeling?

The leading causes of skin peeling are: 

Dry skin:

In medicine, skin dryness is called xeroderma, as the oil and sweat glands produce lower amounts of oil and sweat, causing the formation of skin that is peeling and dry.

Burn from sunlight:

Without protection, prolonged sun exposure can cause sunburns. This absorbs UV rays that cause redness and peeling. Sun exposure makes the face, ammunition, and back vulnerable to sunburn.

Contact dermatitis:

Perfumes, cosmetics, and cleaning items can induce contact dermatitis, which causes blisters and redness. Depending on the chemical, this can happen instantly or up to 12 hours after the first interaction.


Psoriasis causes pink or red sores that peel off, showing white skin. Although these lesions are most common on the scalp, knees, can elbows, they can form anywhere on the body and range in size from barely noticeable to very large. Psoriasis causes skin peeling and inflammation. Climate, stress, and alcohol might worsen symptoms. 

Atopic dermatitis:

This illness may also exacerbate skin peeling. Atopic dermatitis most often affects the elbows, knees, wrists, hands, feet, and genital area and causes severe itching.

Many people still have this illness as adults, even though it usually improves by adolescence. Children can get this disease. Stress and temperature changes worsen seborrheic dermatitis’ greasy skin peeling. It often causes redness and irritation.

Cutaneous Erythematous Lupus:

Peeling skin and red skin lesions with a maroon border are the hallmarks of cutaneous lupus erythematous. These lesions usually form on the face, ears, and scalp, which receive the most sun.

Skin Cancer:

Peeling may indicate skin cancer, albeit it’s rare. This is especially true after prolonged sun exposure without protection. Skin cancer symptoms include asymmetric, uneven, multicolored, and larger than one cm rashes or lesions. Peeling is another skin cancer symptom.

Are Skin Whitening Treatments Risky?

Many risks are involved with skin lightening. Common dangers include:

  • Skin itchiness
  • Hypersensitivity
  • Chronic skin damage
  • Bacterial and fungal diseases
  • Nerve damage
  • Cancerous tumours
  • Skin disease
  • Leaving marks
  • Skin that is too dark or too bright

Price of Skin Whitening 

The cost of skin whitening therapy ranges from PKR 12,000 to PKR 18,000 per session. However, the cost depends on the recommended technique or combination of procedures, the treatment location, and the number of sessions needed to get your desired results. Many Clinics offer customized treatment plans to help you achieve brighter, more even skin. 

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