Can hymen repair without surgery be possible

Hymen is a thin membrane that is located at the vaginal opening. It may be damaged because of injuries, accidents or during physical activities such as sports. An impaired hymen leads to self-consciousness and anxiety and may also cause the sensations of discomfort and pain. Hymenoplasty in Islamabad is performed to repair the damaged vaginal membrane and reinstate the confidence and self-assurance of an individual.

Normally, women do not prefer surgical procedures or treatments where incisions are made. That’s why they often ask whether the hymen can be repaired without surgery. In this blog, we will address this question and help you find your answer.

What Is Hymen?

It is a thin membrane and is a part of women’s genital anatomy as it is situated at the opening of the vagina. The structure and shape of this tissue vary from person to person. Many people consider it a sign of virginity. However, that is not an utter reality. It still exists. Several factors can damage this membrane and lead to self-consciousness, creating an urge to repair it for personal and social reasons.

Can Hymen Be Repaired Without Surgery?

No. It is not possible to resolve this issue without surgery. No non-surgical procedure is there that can repair this broken or damaged tissue. A surgery is performed to get it repaired or reconstructed.  If you are the one who is depressed because of this problem, then Royal Cosmetic Surgery has got you covered. We offer personalised treatments and deal with every sort of problem.

How To Repair This Membrane?

As we have just mentioned, surgical procedures are performed to deal with this specific matter. Mainly, the procedure begins with a consultation session. A surgeon at RCS analyses your particular needs and then designs the treatment accordingly. Local anaesthesia is used to perform this surgery. A surgeon numbs the area and then stitches the broken edges of the hymen to recreate its original appearance without eradicating the element of sensations.

Only surgery is the solution to repair or reconstruct the broken hymen. In case you want to rejuvenate the appeal and overall appearance of vaginal walls, then laser therapy can be used. It tightens and makes the skin more elastic, elegant and restores the natural feeling and joy of intercourse.

How Much Does This ProcedureProcedure Cost?

The cost of this treatment depends on a few factors such as the specific requirements of an individual, aftercare treatments, available facilities, the clinic’s location and the expertise of a surgeon. Visit RCS for a consultation session and get your answer about the actual cost of the procedure.

How Painful Is The Treatment?

It is a surgical procedure, and pain is a part of it. To reduce pain and discomfort and make the process painless or comfortable for a patient, local anaesthesia is used. So, during the surgery, you will not feel pain. You may observe pain, irritation and other effects after the surgery. It is mandatory to adhere to the instructions of your surgeon to get better results and foster the recovery period.

Aftercare Treatment:

  • Take proper rest for a few days and avoid strenuous activities to support the healing process
  • You will experience pain and discomfort. Use only prescribed medicines to manage pain
  • Keep the treated area clean to prevent infections and irritation
  • Keep visiting your surgeon for proper evaluation
  • Inform your surgeon if you observe any side effect

The Bottom Line:

Hymenoplasty in Islamabad is performed to repair or reconstruct the thin membrane of the vagina called hymen. Physical activities and injuries may damage this membrane, called the hymen, decreasing the confidence and self-esteem of a woman. Though many women want to repair it non-surgically but, sadly, there is no procedure that can recover your natural-looking hymen without surgery. So, surgical treatment is the only way to reconstruct this tissue.

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How do you treat a hymen?

Hymen can only be treated through surgical means. Whether you want to reduce its excess size or repair or reconstruct it, a surgeon has to perform surgery because there is no non-surgical procedure that can recover the lost shape of the hymen.

Can a hymen break in childhood?

Yes. It can. It is a flexible piece of tissue, and physical activities such as sports can tear it apart. Given today’s lifestyle, where sports are quite popular, it is not unusual for the hymen to be damaged in childhood.

How long does the hymen take to heal?

It depends on the extent of the treatment. Normally, it takes one to two weeks to heal, or if the situation is worse, then it may take a more extended period to recover.