Dark circles are the pesky dark blemishes around the eyes. These circles might be the outcome of the lack of sleep and tiredness. This has become a common concern of people and dark circles treatment in Islamabad offers effective solutions to say goodbye permanently. Some of the causes of dark circles are allergies, genetics, excessive exposure to sunlight, anaemia, hyperpigmentation, etc. Basically, dark circles are the hyperpigmentation that occurs around the eyes or beneath the lower eyelids. 

Following are the types of Dark Circles

Pigmentation Dark Circles

When melanin production exceeds its normal requirements, then it forms dark circles around the eyes. People with darker skin are more prone to contract this type of dark circle. Melanin pigment is responsible for adding color to our body, skin and eyes. Its overproduction especially in surrounding areas of the eyes produces dark circles.

Vascular Dark Circles

These are also called vascular hyperpigmentation. Dilated blood vessels located beneath the delicate skin around the eyes create these circles. The skin around the eyes is thin, that’s why the appearance of these blood vessels is more visible, giving a changed appearance to that specific area.

Structural Dark Circles

The natural autonomy of the face can also create dark circles. That’s why these circles are also called anatomical or genetic dark circles. These are not the result of pigmentation or vascular problems but are the result of facial structure or features.  Under-eye hollowness, or the loss of volume in that area can create dark circles. 

Causes of Dark Circles

Various factors can cause dark circles such as genetic tendencies that might be a thinner skin or natural orientation towards pigmentation. Mental fatigue and high levels of stress can also cause blood vessels to dilate, leading to their formation. Over time, the skin becomes thin as it loses collagen and fat, which makes the blood vessels more visible. Furthermore, insufficient sleep also dilates the blood vessels and makes the skin paler, ultimately leading to the formation of dark circles. Additionally, dehydration, sun exposure, iron deficiency, poor diet, or lifestyle practices can cause these circles.

Dark Circles Treatment in Islamabad

As there are several causes for the emergence of dark circles, the causes may differ from person to person. So, does its treatment. There are numerous methods that can be used to eliminate dark circles from the skin and specific treatment procedures can be followed based on specific cases. 

Skincare Patterns

Skincare routines may promote or impede dark circle formation. Always use a gentle cleanser or a moisturizer specifically designed for delicate skin. Use products containing vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid because the use of these products will brighten the skin. Furthermore, non-smudge eyeliners are, though, popular but avoid using them because their removal may lead to harsher cleaning.

Prevent Frictional Damages

Whether you are washing your skin or applying any facial lotion,  refrain from rubbing your skin. Always treat your skin gently otherwise you may face skin issues such as pigmentation or dark circles. Additionally, moisturization is also pivotal to keep your skin fresh and if it gets dried or dehydrated, you may feel unwanted circles. 

Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

Health is wealth and nothing in this world can replace the blessing of health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is no less than an obligation. So, always try to have a balanced diet, proper sleep, adequate water consumption and regular use of fruits, vegetables and antioxidants. This is not only necessary to get rid of dark circles but also a way to live a healthy and happy life. 

Use of Home Remedies

Home remedies are not proven scientifically but still their use can bring positive results. Additionally, the use of home remedies is inexpensive and free of any side effects. First of all, adequate sleep is mandatory. The lack of sleep not only causes dark circles but also disturbs the routine and even the behavior of an individual. Coming to the point, applying cucumber slices can soothe tired eyes and reduce swelling and make you feel fresh. Facial massage improves blood circulation which also impedes the formation of any sort of pigmentation and is used for dark circle treatment in Islamabad. Skin care products that include Vitamins E and C are also deemed beneficial as they can reduce dark circles.

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