If you are sick of the standard procedures of hair removal such as waxing which require you to visit for maintenance time after time and are searching for a more permanent and pain-free method for your problem, then you might want to consider getting an electrolysis hair removal treatment. Luckily for you, Royal Cosmetics Surgery has the best electrolysis hair removal in Islamabad, Pakistan. This is the latest addition to their number of hair removal services. This service has been gaining popularity fast and here’s what you should know.

What Does Hair Removal Via Electrolysis Means?

Electrolysis hair removal treatment is a contemporary and efficient method that has been around for more than a century. It is a quick, economical, safe, and dependable method of hair removal when compared to other hair removal procedures and is known for providing lasting results.

The procedure works for multiple areas including facial hair, underarm hair, leg hair, breast hair, and back hair via electrical waves that are passed through a thin metal needle injected into the target hair location. The hair follicles are destroyed by these electrical waves one at a time, leaving them open for easy removal.

How Do You Remove Hair Using Electrolytes?

The electrolysis hair removal is a 3 step, simple procedure:

  1. The site of the hair follicle is first probed with a thin, sterile metal probe.
  2. This prob then enables small amounts of current to pass through it, impairing the hair follicle.
  3. The hairs are then either painlessly pulled out with tweezers or they fall out on their own.

Because the procedure also damages the hair follicles’ reproductive cycle, they are unable to grow new hair. This enables the permanent removal of hair from the treatment region. The number of sessions is determined based on the type of hair growing in the region to be treated, the amount of hair present, and the efficacy of the treatment.

Types of Electrolysis Hair Removal Techniques:

2 different techniques are available for electrolysis hair removal at our clinic:

1)   Galvanic Electrolysis:

This method involves the usage of direct current (DC) to cause a chemical reaction for destroying the hair follicle. The current is directly applied to the hair root to remove the hair. The human body is a natural negative electrode, so the positive electrode will be inserted into the body to create a chemical reaction. This current then passes through a solution of salt water into the root of the hair.

Galvanic Iye is unstable and breaks down tissue with free radicals, allowing the follicles to separate from the skin. Even after the procedure is over, this compound works to remove dead hair cells from the body.

This method does minimal damage to the surrounding skin and is perfect if you have sensitive skin.

2)   Thermolytic Electrolysis:

This technique uses alternating current (AC) to create heat in order to cause damage to the hair follicle. The thermolytic option uses an epilator to remove the follicle by hitting each follicle with radio energy of a high frequency. This causes the surrounding tissue to become affected and prevents new hair from growing out. This procedure is commonly referred to as electrocoagulation and does not involve any chemicals. This method is ideal for individuals who have a low or medium intensity of feeling pain. There aren’t a lot of steps required for this process and each hair will be treated in a matter of seconds.

Most people who have thin, shallow-rooted hair have prescribed this method. It is a great option for removing hair from your face (such as your mustache, neck, sideburns, chin, and even cheeks.  This technique works best on tiny or thin hair such as peach fuzz and does not work on coarse hair.

Which Electrolysis is the Best For Hair Removal in Islamabad?

In terms of the Best Electrolysis Hair Removal in Islamabad, Pakistan, it can be said that thermolytic electrolysis is the best in terms of efficiency and safety. It may not work best on coarse hair but it is still the better option among the two. We are currently trying our best to offer services for coarse hair as well. So stay updated!

What are the Advantages of Electrolysis for Hair Removal?

Electrolysis Hair removal treatment has several benefits itself including the following:

  • Minimum chances of side effects
  • Short Downtime
  • Results are Permanent
  • Suitable For All Kinds of Skin and Hair
  • Mild Pain
  • It Consumes a less Amount of Time

Care Following Procedure:

  • Delay engaging in strenuous activity until the wound starts to heal.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend outside in the sun.
  • Use a high-quality sunscreen every single day
  • Wait at least 72 hours after treatment before wearing makeup.
  • Use gentle moisturizers and mild cleansers Avoid picking or touching the scabs.
  • If there is pus buildup, remove it with a soft cloth or towel.
  • Refrain from tanning procedures.
  • Avoid wearing anything that fits tightly.
  • Follow up with the treatment plan advised by your electrologist.

What is the Cost of Electrolysis Treatment in Islamabad?

The Cost for electrolysis hair removal treatments in Islamabad ranges from around PKR 8,000 to PKR 16,000. This depends on which treatment you get and how many sessions are required. Another thing to keep in mind is that is a cosmetic procedure. This means that it does not fall under any form of insurance coverage. You can save up for the procedure to help pay for it.

Get Electrolyzed Today!

Getting rid of pesky hair is a hurdle for each woman. So what’s the hold-up? Electrolysis is a safe and secure procedure to perform. Royal Cosmetic Surgery Clinic offers the best packages for getting this treatment! Sign up today and get started with your complimentary consultation with one of the best beauty consultants in the city!