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Welcome to Royal Cosmetic Surgery

Providing the finest Cure & Care for our patients with the emerging trend and need of cosmetic surgery and Non-Surgical procedures across Pakistan. Whilst attracting customers across the globe to arise the potential of medical facilities available in Pakistan. Royal Cosmetic Surgery has the intention of providing innovative medical solutions with pioneered tested techniques and procedures under the hands of renowned Doctors, leading us to our growth in future..Read More

With Advanced Techniques

& Latest Equipment in Pakistan

  • FUEHair Transplant

    Enjoy real peace of mind without scarring and pain free FUE hair restoration procedure. Are you looking for a long lasting solution of hair loss problem? Don’t want any scar on head?

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  • SkinWhitening

    Desire for white and bright skin? Want to get rid of dark skin? At Royal Cosmetic surgery Pakistan, proudly present skin whitening treatment in the form of Glutathione Skin Whitening Injection.

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  • LaserHair Removal

    It is no more a secret that unwanted hair on the face and body (armpits, bikini area, legs, arms and trunk) can be safely removed and reduced permanently using the latest laser hair removal technology.

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The Best Medical Services Based on Experience

  • FaceNew Look

    Get back your youthful appearance now via a facelift and say “welcome” to self-confidence and long lasting natural beauty (and less few years from your actual age).

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  • BodyContouring

    Do you have a desire of ideal figure and shape? Want an attractive body shape? It is possible through Liposuction that lets you to get rid of unwanted localized fat deposits.

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  • BreastSelf Confidence

    Get fuller and attractive breast and regain your self-esteem through breast augmentation. No matter why are you unsatisfied with the appearance of your breast.

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  • ReconstructiveA new life

    Are you unhappy & (feeling disgraceful) with your nose shape? Want to reshape this central feature of face? It’s possible through nose reshaping or Rhinoplasty,

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